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Sunday, July 14, 2024

GEFO Upgrades Tanker at Strela Shiprepair

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

June 27, 2024

Image courtesy Strela Shiprepair Yard

Image courtesy Strela Shiprepair Yard

Hamburg-based GEFO Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH had an oil and product tanker from its fleet of 148 serviced and modernized at the Strela Shiprepair Yard in Stralsund for the first time. The 99 x 14 meter oil and product tanker Brahms was docked at Strela Shiprepair's premises in the Volkswerft Maritime Industrial and Commercial Park at the end of May.

Brahms, which has a cargo volume of 4178 tons, was scheduled for the so-called intermediate class, meaning that extensive maintenance work had to be carried out in the shortest possible time during its stay at the shipyard. For example, all the sea valves were overhauled and the rudder and propeller systems were measured and checked. The program also included checking, repairing and overhauling the numerous pump and tank lines. The service plan also included checking and cleaning the sea and anchor boxes as well as the anchor chain. Finally, the Brahms was given a new coat of paint.  In addition to maintenance, a complete ballast water treatment system was installed on board for the first time.

"In the end, there was more work than originally planned within the short time frame, but we met the deadline in full," says Patrick Micklei, Yard Operations Manager.

In the first half of 2024, a total of 23 ships were docked at Strela Shiprepair Yard, including coasters, workboats, offshore vessels as well as specialized and passenger ships. This continues the successful trend from the previous year with a total of 40 docked units.

Image courtesy Strela Shiprepair Yard