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21 Dec 2015

Sovcomflot Completes IT Integration Project

SCF Sovcomflot SCF BALTICA Photo SCF

PAO Sovcomflot (“SCF Group”), Russia’s largest shipping company and a global leader in seaborne energy transportation and offshore services, announced the completion of a major IT integration project with the support of SpecTec. The project provides SCF Group with access to the latest enterprise management systems, enabling organizational efficiency to be improved, costs to be reduced and facilitating compliance with the latest regulations impacting upon shipping companies. One of the most complex and advanced IT projects ever undertaken within the shipping industry…

19 Jun 2014

Shipdex Course Held at Korean Maritime University

From left: Marco Vatteroni, SpecTec’s ILS Manager and Shipdex Manager, and Yung-Ho Yu, Professor at KMU and Technical Director of MEIPA.

The Korean Maritime University (KMU) and the Korean Marine Electronics Industry Promotion Association  (MEIPA) received a one day technical seminar about Shipdex and  the process of importing Shipdex data into SpecTec’s  Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), AMOS. This seminar was held at  KMU in Busan on May 30 thanks  to Yung-Ho Yu, Professor at KMU and Technical Director of MEIPA; Marco Vatteroni,  SpecTec’s  ILS Manager and Shipdex Manager; and Ben Fan, SpecTec’s Sales Director in Asia.

03 Jun 2013

AMOS for MAN PrimeServ Academy

MAN Diesel & Turbo reinforces its long-standing collaboration with SpecTec Group, selecting AMOS software as assisting training tool to be used at the MAN PrimeServ Academy in Copenhagen. With the intent to further improve its hands-on training courses, MAN Diesel & Turbo has chosen AMOS (CMMS platform owned and provided by SpecTec Group since 1985) as a teaching tool to show students how to manage and optimize the process of maintenance, inspection and spare part purchase on board vessels. The AMOS database for this project has been created automatically by importing MAN Diesel & Turbo engine data which is standardized in accordance with the Shipdex protocol (www.shipdex.com).

25 Mar 2013

Software Solutions Debuts & Upgrades

ABS Nautical Systems will release in 2013 a new mobility platform for its NS5 Enterprise.

ABS Nautical Systems continually enhances its NS5 Enterprise software suite of products to meet ever-changing industry demands. Currently in development for release in 2013 are a mobility platform, a new warehouse and inventory management module, as well as a new Hull Inspection 3D module. The mobility platform supports portable devices including scanners, tablet PCs and smartphones. Features will include alert view notifications and mobile calendaring. Any customer with mobility support within the organization’s infrastructure can take advantage of this upcoming technology.

10 Dec 2012

SpecTec Launches Online Product Support Services

SpecTec announces the launch of new online product support services for AMOS users, starting from January 2013. “We have looked very carefully into what we provide in terms of Services and Support and how we provide it,” says Giampiero Soncini, CEO of SpecTec Group. “ We have made some significant improvements to our Product Support Services, in order to ensure that our Customers experience not only improved service delivery but also an improvement in the effectiveness of AMOS within their daily business”. The new services are aimed to increase the knowledge and to optimise the software usage for those who already work with AMOS and the related solutions.

21 Nov 2012

SpecTec Opens a New Office in Poland

SpecTec Group is proud to announce the new opening office of SpecTec Poland. SpecTec Poland is a Product Development office and it opened on 2nd November 2012. The SpecTec Poland team is working on AMOS2 development, IDEA development and on testing activities of AMOS2 EMS. "We opened there because of our experience with the high standard of programming personnel available and we have been able to build a team very able to provide the additional resources we need right now" - says Paul Ashton…

03 Oct 2011

Shipdex Steering Committee and Maintenance Group meetings

On 20-21 September 2011 the Shipdex Protocol Steering Committee (SPSC) and Maintenance Group (SPMG) met in La Spezia (IT) at SpecTec Head office premises. The meetings were attended by the founder members Alfa Laval, Grimaldi Group, MacGregor,  MAN Diesel & Turbo, SpecTec Group, Yanmar and Capt. Eugen Henning Adami that was unanimously elected to the Group as one of the founders of Shipdex. SPSC and SPMG meet on a quarterly basis to discuss the Shipdex Protocol policy, to analyse and discuss the change proposals issued by Shipdex users.

17 Aug 2011

Yang Ming Successfully Implements AMOS

Yang Ming Vessel

SpecTec has successfully completed the implementation of AMOS on the first lot of 40 ships with Yang Ming. SpecTec will install AMOS on another 11 ships during the course of 2011, while more system will be implemented in 2012 to complete the Fleet installation which is to date of 89 ships. SpecTec has shown once again to be the only IT Company in shipping which, with its capacity of 300+ employees located in 25 offices all over the world, can deliver large fleet solutions in time and within the terms of the contract.

09 Aug 2011

COOEC Signs Contract with SpecTec

China Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation (COOEC) signed a contract with SpecTec Asia Pacific East Ltd, SpecTec Group Hong Kong subsidiary. The contract is relevant to the supply of AMOS Maintenance and Procurement modules for six Offshore Support Vessels, two pipelay vessels and one crane barge. AMOS M&P will integrate management of maintenance work and costs, stock control and purchasing onboard the vessel. One of the vessels included in the contract is COOEC first flagship deep-water pipe-laying vessel, the Haiyangshiyou 201. The vessel will be used on CNOOC’s deep-water pipelay service duties at Husky’s Liwan 13-1 Gas Field in the South China Sea.

28 Jun 2011

KJ Radio Orders AMOS Shipdex Suite

SpecTec Group and their partner CORENA, a S1000D software and implementation service, announced today that they have signed a strategic contract with Korea based KJ Radio for the AMOS Shipdex Suite. “KJ Radio has selected the AMOS Shipdex Suite, developed by CORENA and distributed by SpecTec Group," confirmed Sang-Hwan Oh, KJ Radio Research Engineer. “It is a big pleasure to...obtain our first customer in Korea – an important market for the global shipping industry,” says Toralf Johannessen, President and CEO of CORENA. KJ Radio also ordered a combined AMOS Shipdex Suite and Shipdex training course, which has already been successfully delivered.

31 Mar 2011

Change of Premises SpecTec Group HO Spa

As of 1st April 2011 Spectec Group Ho Spa will change its premises from Viale San Bartolomeo 629, 19126 La Spezia, to the following address: Via Privata Oto n.57, 19136 La Speiz (SP) - Italy Company name, fiscal data, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses will remain unchanged.  Source: Spectec Group Ho Spa

29 Mar 2011

SpecTec Group is Proud To Announce Partnership with Mercy Ships

SpecTec continues its 15-year partnership with the Mercy Ships Organisation with the recent donation of AMOS Shipdex Interface (ASI). Shipdex is the International Business Rules (The Shipdex Protocol) developed to standardise the production and the exchange of technical and logistic data within the shipping community (for more info, please, visit www.shipdex.com). AMOS Shipdex Interface is the SpecTec module designed to take the best advantage from Shipdex Protocol datasets. This is because…

21 Mar 2011

SpecTec Group Opens Newest Office In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The SpecTec Group has opened their newest office in Rio de Janeiro: officially, AMOS Brasil Sistemas de Gestão de Recursos e Consultoria de Software Ltda., or SpecTec Brazil, will serve as region headquarters. SpecTec’s new local team has been formed and includes professional technical consultants to provide project management and customer support, as well as a business development team. The region is managed by David Reyes, Managing Director, Latin America. In its 26 years of existence, AMOS has become the "de facto" standard Asset Management software in shipping, and a major player in oil & gas and energy sectors; moreover several Navies worldwide are implementing AMOS as a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software to cover their Integrated Logistic Systems aspects.

14 Feb 2011

Shipdex Order from MAN Diesel & Turbo

SpecTec and Corena announced MAN Diesel & Turbo has purchased the AMOS Shipdex Data Manager. “More and more ship-owners require maintenance manuals for new ship acquisitions to be Shipdex compliant. MAN Diesel & Turbo wishes to meet such requirement the best way possible. We have therefore ordered the AMOS Shipdex Data Manager, enabling us to validate that our maintenance manuals are in compliance with the Shipdex protocol,” said Henrik Striboldt, Business Development Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo. “SpecTec has more than 50% of the world shipping market using AMOS and we wanted to expand our solutions offering to our customers and to reduce their operation cost related to documentation,” said Marco Vatteroni, ILS Manager of SpecTec Group.

11 Nov 2010

MAN Diesel & Turbo, SpecTec Cooperation

As a step ahead in the MAN Diesel & Turbo and SpecTec Group cooperation, on October 25, 2010, AMOS BS was installed at MAN Diesel & Turbo's PrimeServ location in . On October 26, 10members of MAN Diesel & Turbo staff were trained on AMOS BS main features, by Kim Pommegard and Jens Ipsen from SpecTec DK. SpecTec ILS Manager, Marco Vatteroni, gave his own contribution, showing how it is possible, in a few minutes, to automatically create an AMOS BS database by importing a MAN Diesel Shipdex dataset using AMOS Shipdex Interface. MAN Diesel & Turbo views this as an important step towards gaining experience with how ship owners deal with maintenance management.

14 Oct 2010

SpecTec, Corena Breakthrough Shipdex Orders

The three companies Corena, SpecTec Group and Intership Navigation announced the first purchase of the AMOS Shipdex supplied by SpecTec Group and powered by Corena. The AMOS Shipdex Suite is for the production, management, use and validation of technical information developed in accordance with the Shipdex Protocol. It is an integrated suite of software tools giving ship owners and operators the benefits of major cost savings in terms of better data quality and improved electronic use. The Shipdex Protocol contains a set of business rules, especially designed for the shipping community, specifying how this industry shall implement the S1000D specification for the production and management of technical publications.

18 Mar 2009

SpecTec to Purchase 20% MarineXchange

SpecTec Group, IT supplier to the merchant and cruise shipping markets, has recently acquired a 20% share in MarineXChange Software GmbH. MarineXchange is a provider of enterprise resource management software to the cruise industry. "The two companies have collaborated for several years already, and our software portfolios and philosophies complement each other very well", said Giampiero Soncini, CEO of SpecTec Group. MarineXchange software can also be used for the food and beverage management of large fleets, as well as for land based hotels. MarineXchange software runs at the office and remote installations such as ships, hotels and warehouses. The software provides tools to collect and retain data, automate processes and share data across an entire organization.

17 Mar 2009

Spectec Posts 2008 Results

SpecTec Group aggregated results (the sum of all revenues of all companies in the Group) have reached $47.8m, compared to $42.6m in 2007, with a growth of 12.16%. In the same period, consolidated revenues have grown by 12.9%. SpecTec’s growth in revenue has been of 53.7% since the acquisition from Xantic in 2005. The group closed 2006, 2007 and 2008 with profit. In the period 2005 to 2008, the company equity grew 28 %. During 2008, the company has been cash flow positive and has not had to use any corporate bank overdraft facility, even considering the heavy investment due to the creation of the new suite of products, AMOS2. AMOS sales have grown by 26.5%compared to 2007, and by 41% compared to 2006. All companies in the SpecTec Group are audited by Deloitte.

05 Mar 2002

Xantic BV Sells Xantic MPC

Effective January 1, 2002, Xantic MPC (former SpecTec MPC) was sold to the management backed by a group of investors. The new owners are: Øystein Moan, CEO Visma ASA, former owner of the SpecTec Group, former CEO of the Cinet Group and chairman of the SpecTec Group; Tore Bjerkan, CFO Visma ASA; Thomas Falck; Partner Four Seasons Venture AS, former CEO of the SpecTec Group and former chairman of Xantic MPC; Allen Amos, Sales Director CCT; Tore Kirkedam, Managing Director CCT . Xantic BV decided to sell the hardware division as part of a strategy to focus more on its core business, airtime and software. The new owners will continue operations, focusing on development, production and sale of specialized, class approved computer equipment.

02 Jun 2000

Visma Marine: Opportunities Abound For Maritime Markets

The shipping industry has long been criticized for being slow to adapt to new technologies and taking a reactive approach to market trends. But after several years of stagnant growth, the shipping industry is waking up to the potential of the Internet, according to Thomas Falck, managing director, Visma Marine. Today, the scene is crowded with competing e-commerce initiatives and, some argue, more cash than sense. With the rapid development of new information technologies, the shipping industry has been scrambling to adjust to the new economy. For Visma Marine, the holding company for SpecTec Group, a supplier of fleet management software, the transition is a natural extension of their core business.

13 Jul 2000

The E-Commerce Revolution

In the last six months, the shipping industry has seen the marine B2B market grow from nothing into a highly competitive race between e-commerce ventures to attract major shipowner/shipmanager support and investment capital. The shipping world has suddenly come alive to the world of e-commerce. Within the last few months, the industry has grown from a few providers of marine e-commerce Internet services to more than 70 e-commerce portals targeting different market segments - and more portals and initiatives are launched every day. Shipping companies are now recognizing that e-commerce is no longer a 'nice-to-have' option. For shipping companies battered by poor annual earnings, embracing information and communication technology may not be a matter of choice, but a matter of survival.

26 Jun 2000

E-Commerce Takes Maritime By Storm

In the last six months, the shipping industry has seen the marine B2B market grow from nothing into a highly competitive race between e-commerce ventures to attract major shipowner/shipmanager support and investment capital. The shipping world has suddenly come alive to the world of e-commerce. Within the last few months, the industry has grown from a few providers of marine e-commerce Internet services to more than 70 e-commerce portals targeting different market segments - and more portals and initiatives are launched every day. Shipping companies are now recognizing that e-commerce is no longer a 'nice-to-have' option. For shipping companies battered by poor annual earnings, embracing information and communication technology may not be a matter of choice, but a matter of survival.

07 Sep 2000

SpecTec Group Secures Agreement With Saipem

SpecTec Italy, the Italian conglomerate of SpecTec Group, announced that Saipem, ENI'S offshore branch, will allow SpecTec to implement AMOS software onboard all Saipem offshore rigs, platforms, supply vessels and on-shore oil drilling sites. The contract follows the successful test of the integration of AMOS for Windows product with all modules of the SAP suite of software. The agreement, reached in co-operation with Andersen Consulting and Enidata, has a potential value of $1.1 million, of which $275,000 has already been allocated. After a thorough review of competing systems, Saipem chose AMOS. The first phase of the project will be completed by the end of the year, but installations on all of Saipem's mobile units and supply ships may take up to two years.

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