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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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22 Jun 2024

RAL Tugs Delivered in the Philippine Navy

Image courtesy Robert Allan Ltd.

Robert Allan Ltd. said that YT 027 and AT 010, a RAmparts 2700 and RAmparts 3000-W respectively were delivered to the owner, the Philippine Navy, in May 2024. The tugs were built at Josefa Slipways Inc. in Sual, Philippines and are designed by Robert Allan Ltd. to provide support to the navy’s surface vessel fleet.Propulsion machinery of YT 027 consists of two MTU 12V4000M53 diesel engines rated at 1380 kW at 1800 rpm coupling with Schottel SRP 340 Z-drives with 2.1 m diameter…

02 Jun 2024

Bollard Pull Calculator App Updated

Source: Captain M. Baykal Yaylali

The smart phone “Bollard Pull Calculator” app produced by Captain M. Baykal Yaylali some four years ago has now been updated and expanded in function.The required tug power and number of tugs needed in variable wind and current currents is typically an assessment made by pilots based on their professional experience. However, these assessments can raise questions from lawyers if something goes wrong, says Yaylali.“A pilot has not so much time,” he says. “For a pilot, if tugs are needed, it is hard to calculate the required tug power just before or during ship manoeuvring.

23 May 2024

Corvus Energy to Supply Battery Systems for Panama Canal Tugs

Source: Corvus Energy

The Panama Canal Authority ordered 10 hybrid tractor tugboats from European shipbuilder, Astilleros Armón, with options for another 10 similar vessels, and Corvus Energy will supply the battery systems for the hybrid-electric vessels.The Panama Canal Authority / Astilleros Armón contract signed in October 2023 was valued at $150 million total for the first 10 vessels, each 30-meter tugboats with 70-tonnes bollard pull.The tugboats will be equipped with hybrid-electric propulsion systems to reduce emissions during ship towage through the Panama Canal and while docking in Panamanian ports.

21 May 2024

Thordon inks deal to Refit 32 Panamanian Vessels

Thordon’s SXL tailshaft bearings.
Image courtesy Thordon Bearings

Thordon Bearings won a contract to convert the rubber tailshaft bearings across an entire fleet of Panama-operating tugs, pilot vessels, and workboats to water-lubricated polymer bearings.The agreement with the unnamed operator follows the retrofitting of Thordon’s SXL tailshaft bearings to 12 of its twin-screw tugs last year during scheduled dry dockings.The remaining 32 vessels will now be converted in batches at planned maintenance intervals over the next four years.For the first batch of retrofit conversions…

10 May 2024

Fairplay Towage Orders Two More Damen Tugs

(Credit: Damen)

Fairplay Towage Group has placed an order with Damen Shipyards for the delivery of two additional tugboats.One of the two tugboats is of the ASD Tug 2813 design, while the other will be fitted with azimuth stern drives and a bollard pull of 60 tonnes and with an aft winch for offshore towage.The ASD Tug 2813 boasts a bollard pull in excess of 80 tonnes for harbor assistance. Both vessels will be fitted with external FiFi capabilities for swift response to emergencies.These are the most recent vessels to be purchased by Fairplay from Damen…

14 Apr 2024

Singapore Alliance Building Electric Tug and Supply Boat

Source: CSA

The Coastal Sustainability Alliance (CSA), an industry collaborative effort led by Kuok Maritime Group (KMG), has announced the start of construction of its first fully electric PXO-series tug (e-tug) and supply boat (e-supply boat) by PaxOcean Group.The zero-emissions vessels are among the first and largest local electric harbour craft designed for operation in Singapore’s coastal waters. They are targeted for deployment in 2025, ahead of the nation’s goal for all new coastal…

05 Apr 2024

On Board the eWolf: The First Electric Tugboat in the US

(Photo: Eric Haun)

Crowley Maritime Corporation has owned and operated a lot of vessels since its founding in 1892. But the latest vessel to join its fleet is unlike any other that has come before it.Crowley’s new harbor tug, eWolf, is unique in that it runs 100% powered by batteries, not diesel engines, meaning it produces zero emissions and nearly no noise. Not only is the vessel the first fully electric tug in the Crowley fleet, but it is also the first of its kind in the United States.Faced with stricter regulations and commercial pressure to prioritize environmental…