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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Med Marine Delivers Tug to Arrendadora Continental

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May 17, 2024

(Photo: Med Marine)

(Photo: Med Marine)

Turkish shipbuilder Med Marine announced it has delivered the MED-A2565 class Robert Allan Ramparts 2500-W design tugboat for Arrendadora Continental, S.A.

The newly built tugboat, named Monterrico by its owner, has been delivered to Guatemala and started her duty in supporting Arrendadora Continental’s marine operations. 

The vessel will support Arrendadora Continental in their horbour operations, working off a forward winch for ship handling, towing, pushing, mooring, firefighting facilities and also equipped with an aft towing hook.

The RAmparts 2500W series vessel is constructed as a multipurpose tug of 25 m, delivering 72 tons of bollard pull, and is equipped to meet Class FIFI-E requirements. 

Length: 25,2 m

Breadth: 12 m

Depth: 4,60m

Draft: 5,75 m

Crew: 8 person

Bollard Pull: 72 tons

Speed: 12 Knots