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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Nordic Fender and SkyLab Advance Smart Fenders

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July 4, 2024

Source: Nordic Fender

Source: Nordic Fender

Nordic Fender has entered a strategic partnership with SkyLab IoT for the development and expansion of smart fender and buoy solutions that provide real-time data worldwide.

Nordic Fender products can now benefit from live monitoring of critical parameters such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, acceleration, angle and rotation (X, Y, Z), and location services based on GPS, GNSS, geolocation, and WiFi/MAC addresses. In addition to the standard data, it is also possible to monitor other environmental, water, and climate data simultaneously.

This essential data contributes to better real-time insights, improved overall safety, significant cost savings, and the reduction of physical and complex inspections, thereby minimizing environmental impact, says Nordic Fender. In the event of loss, the location can be easily traced, minimizing damage from recovery or loss.

“Now our customers can view the real-time status of their pneumatic fenders anytime, anywhere on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet. This ensures they can safely start or continue operations. These solutions will be a great addition for all operators, especially for those operating pneumatic fenders offshore or facing access issues during ship-to-ship or ship-to-port operations,” says Åsmund Lilleaas, CEO of Nordic Fender.

The olutions from Nordic Fender and SkyLab IoT utilize LoRaWAN® technology (Long Range, Low Power), enabling data transmission over tens of kilometers under challenging conditions with very low energy consumption. These robust and secure systems can operate independently for years, transmitting their data at set intervals or immediately sending an alarm push notification when parameters deviate.

LoRaWAN® connectivity for these and other onshore and offshore solutions is provided via the SkyNet IoT network. With over a million connected stations from multiple LoRaWAN® networks worldwide, the SkyNet IoT network is one of the largest neutral LoRaWAN® hosting and network providers in the world.

SkyLab has already equipped numerous offshore platforms, service and tender vessels, and ferries with reliable internet and SkyNet IoT LoRaWAN® networks, optionally with satellite communication.