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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Oceaneering Lines Up Vessel Services Work in the Gulf of Mexico

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

July 2, 2024

(File photo: Oceaneering)

(File photo: Oceaneering)

Oceaneering International announced its Offshore Projects Group (OPG) segment has been awarded multiple contractual agreements for vessel services with global energy companies, covering operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

The scope of work under the first contract includes a mix of basic and heavy inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) services, including vessel-based inspections, maintenance of smaller equipment, and replacement of jumpers. The contract also encompasses intervention services and installation work, which are currently scheduled for the second half of 2024. It covers an initial 60-day work commitment.

The second contract’s scope of work primarily involves basic and heavy IMR services and installation tasks. It covers an initial 120-day commitment. Both contracts provide for additional work beyond the original commitments.

Additionally, Oceaneering has secured two separate pricing agreements covering installation, IMR, and intervention work. Both contracts also include new technologies from OPG’s integrated, customizable IMR (IMRGE) service, such as photogrammetry and advanced subsea visual metrology.

Roderick A. Larson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oceaneering, said, “Our vessel bookings have increased year over year, affirming the growing demand for our services. These four contracts are foundational to improving our fleet utilization, particularly for our mid-size and larger vessels with 165-ton and 250-ton cranes, respectively.”