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Friday, July 12, 2024

Vard Holds Naming Ceremony for Norway’s Third and Final Coast Guard Vessel Newbuild

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June 14, 2024

(Credit: Vard)

(Credit: Vard)

The last of the three coast guard vessels, strengthening the control and surveillance in the northern area of Norway, has been named KV Hopen by Minister of Climate and Environment Andreas Bjelland Eriksen at Vard Langsten in Norway.

With the naming ceremony of the third vessel in the Jan Mayen class, one of Norway's largest maritime acquisitions ever is about to be completed.

Norway's new coast guard vessel KV Hopen is said to be very important for guarding Norway's interests in the Norwegian economic zone (NØS) and the protection zone around Svalbard.

The vessel will contribute to strengthening the Coast Guard's preparedness, capability, and endurance along the coast and throughout Norway's maritime area of interest.

The contract to build three coast guard vessels was signed between the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency and Vard in 2018.

The first two vessels, KV Jan Mayen and KV Bjørnøya, were handed over from the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency to the Navy in 2023. Mainly Norwegian suppliers have been used for finalizing the Jan Mayen class.

The Jan Mayen class is a significantly larger vessel than the Nordkapp class and has capabilities such as ice reinforcement, modern technology, accommodation for 100 people, helicopter deck and hangar, and can go eight weeks at sea without resupply of fuel, provisions, and other consumables.

Like the other two vessels, the KV Hopen is 136.4 meters long and 22 meters wide and will be able to operate throughout Norway's area of interest.

The hulls are built by Vard Shipyards Romania – Tulcea and outfitted, finalized, and delivered from Vard Langsten in Norway.

KV Hopen is built under strict environmental and emission requirements, and the three new vessels have CBRN protection, which means collective protection against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear pollution.

Together, the vessels have a total cost of $755 million (NOK 8 billion).

“The Coast Guard's presence and exercise of authority in Norwegian waters provides security, both in peaceful times and in the more turbulent times we are experiencing now. The Coast Guard solves a variety of tasks and is a visible actor preventing environmental crime on the coast and at sea.

“Functional and modern equipment together with solid crews is important to do the job. I am excited to become godfather of KV Hopen. Congratulations to the Coast Guard on a new vessel,” Eriksen.

“This is a milestone for Norway as a maritime nation. With these vessels, we will have a modern fleet designed to operate in the demanding High North with the technology that today's defence requires,” added Oliver Berdal, Chief of the Navy.