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Sonar is a technique that uses sound to navigate, communicate with or detect other vessels, and to observe the distance and velocity of underwater objects. The acoustic frequencies used vary from extremely low (infrasonic) to very high (ultrasonic). The word “sonar” also describes the equipment used to gather and analyze acoustic information. Sonar is used in depth sounding, fish finding, seafloor mapping, Doppler navigation, and acoustic location systems for divers. The term for the scientific study of underwater sound is hydroacoustics.

Three types of technology are categorized as "sonar":

  1. Passive sonar uses receiving sensors to listen for and analyze the sound made by vessels
  2. Active sonar uses an acoustic projector to emit pulses of sounds and a receiver which detects the echoes to find the range, bearing and relative motion
  3. Acoustic communication systems use a projector and receiver at both ends of the acoustic path

Sonar was first proposed as a means of detecting icebergs, but government interest in and funding of sonar systems did not take off until World War I highlighted the threat posed by submarine warfare. Modern technological innovations have included rapid-scanning and side-scan sonar, the echo sounder (or depth detector,) and within-pulse electronic sector scanning sonar (or WPESS). Military uses of sonar include systems used in acoustic homing torpedoes, in acoustic mines and mine detection.

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(Photo: TDI-Brooks)

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Between January 2023 and February 2024, TDI-Brooks conducted an extensive site investigation…

Kraken KATFISH on MSF drone vessels (Credit: Kraken Robotics)

Kraken Robotics Delivers Minehunting Systems to Royal Danish Navy

Canadian company Kraken Robotics has completed deliveries and sea acceptance tests…

The Bellmore Fire Department uses the boat for the first time in early January while responding to a nighttime report of a dog in the water. (Photo: Marathon Petroleum Corporation)

Volunteer Fire Department in Indiana Gets Its First Boat

A volunteer fire department in western Indiana has increased its capabilities to…

(Photo: BRIX Marine)

BRIX Marine Launches New Pilot Boat

Port Angeles, Wash. boatbuilder BRIX Marine has launched its newest pilot boat, Aldebaran…

NSSLGlobal Expands Portfolio with FarSounder’s 3D FLS

FarSounder and NSSLGlobal have joined forces to introduce FarSounder’s Argos product…


Thales to Equip Polish Navy's MIECZNIK Frigates with Combat Management System and Sensors

Thales said Thursday it would equip the Polish Navy MIECZNIK (Swordfish) frigates…

Credit: noraismail/AdobeStock

U.S. Revives Cold War Submarine Spy Program to Counter China

On a windswept island 50 miles north of Seattle sits a U.S. Navy monitoring station.

(Photo: BRIX Marine)

BRIX Marine Launches Whale Watching Vessel for Allen Marine in Alaska

Pacific Northwest aluminum boatbuilder BRIX Marine announced it has built a new whale…

source: IMO

SHI Uses Sonar to Analyze Underwater Radiated Noise

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has tested technology to precisely analyze the radiated…

Copyright chocolatefather/AdobeStock

Missing Titanic Submersible Update: Searchers Detect Subsea Sounds

Search teams detected underwater sounds while scanning the North Atlantic for a tourist…

FarSounder Receives 8th Patent

FarSounder expanded its IP portfolio with the issuance of its 8th Patent, number 11,609,316.

Photo courtesy Mr. Dave Meron

Protecting Offshore Energy Sources via USV

When most people discuss energy sources such as fossil fuel and green energy, it…

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Sonar is a technique that uses sound to navigate, communicate with or detect other vessels, and to observe the distance and velocity of underwater objects. The acoustic frequencies used vary from extremely low (infrasonic) to very high (ultrasonic).


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