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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Kongsberg Maritime Unveils Fuel Efficient Bulker Design

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June 13, 2024

Source: Kongsberg Maritime

Source: Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime has unveiled a new 'Super-Efficient Bulker' vessel design concept.

Designed with Deltamarin, the vessel promises fuel cost savings between 40-50% depending on the operational profile.

Kongsberg Maritime selected a Kamsarmax bulker of 82,000 DWT, a common vessel size globally, as the basis for the new design. The Kamsarmax represents a versatile choice as this vessel type often faces restrictions with the global availability of low-carbon fuels, making it an ideal candidate for the study.

The new vessel concept is based on a unique combination of three tiltable rotor sails and two suction wing sails. This dual approach maximizes wind power utilization, adapting to varying wind conditions to ensure optimal performance.

Kongsberg Maritime has devised a hull form that will trap bubbles from an air lubrication system to minimize resistance, and a patent application has been made to implement this concept. The inclined hull, with a 1-degree slope from bow to stern, and vertically turned bilge keels create 'walls' to keep bubbles in place.

Emphasizing the benefits of slow steaming, the vessel operates at a reduced speed, balancing fuel efficiency with operational viability. A 1-knot speed reduction contributes to substantial savings in fuel, emissions, and maintenance costs.

The vessel integrates a hybrid shaft generator with frequency control. This system supports the increased electric load from wind propulsion devices and air lubrication compressors. Equipped with an Intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) and route optimization software, the vessel ensures optimal energy use.