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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Nergård Havfiske Names its New Vard-Built Stern Trawler

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June 14, 2024

(Credit: Vard)

(Credit: Vard)

Nergård Havfiske has held a naming ceremony for its newbuild stern trawler, delivered by Norwegian shipbuilder Vard, which will sail under the name Sørkapp.

The stern trawler is the third vessel Vard has delivered to Nergård Havfiske. The two previous trawlers are Breidtind and Senja. All three vessels were at the quay during the ceremony.

Sørkapp is a stern trawler of VARD 8 02 design, developed by Vard in close collaboration with Nergård Havfiske, with a common objective to create an advanced trawler with all latest available technology on board.

The 80.4 meters long vessel, with the breadth of 16.7 meters, has improved fuel economy and is outfitted for semi-pelagic and bottom-trawling operations, emphasizing gentle handling of the catch to meet the latest requirements for fish health, efficiency and environmentally friendly operation.

The hull is ice strengthened according to Ice-1A, according to Vard. The vessel with its propulsion system is compliant with the stringent DNV Silent F notation.

Sørkapp was delivered from Vard Brattvaag to Nergård Havfisk in December 2023, a week before the contractual date. The hull is manufactured at Vard Shipyards Romania – Braila.

The stern trawler, able to accommodate 25 people, is equipped with Vard Electro's SeaQ Energy Storage System, for seamless integration with the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which in turn minimizes fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

“Nergård Havfiske is proud to be able to name its third sister vessel in its home port of Tromsø. The company and crew are pleased that the owners chose to build their vessels in Norway. After a few months in operation, we have received yet another proof that the quality of the design and craftsmanship carried out at the construction yards and from the suppliers is of the highest class.

“Sørkapp has operated more or less continuously since the takeover and we see positive effects with having three sister ships in operation," said Tommy Torvanger, CEO of the Nergård Group.