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Friday, July 12, 2024

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09 Jul 2024

Skipper Sentenced for Dozing Off at Helm, Causing Collision

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The skipper of a U.K. fishing trawler has been been fined and given an eight-month prison sentence after falling asleep during his watch, causing the vessel to collide with another and injuring two crew membersOn January 15, 2022, Maurice Reid of Fraserburgh, Scotland was in charge of the fishing vessel Margaret Anne’s journey when he started to fall asleep. Moments later the vessel collided with anchored fishing vessel Blackbird in the Shoreham area, off the south coast of Sussex…

14 Jun 2024

Nergård Havfiske Names its New Vard-Built Stern Trawler

(Credit: Vard)

Nergård Havfiske has held a naming ceremony for its newbuild stern trawler, delivered by Norwegian shipbuilder Vard, which will sail under the name Sørkapp.The stern trawler is the third vessel Vard has delivered to Nergård Havfiske. The two previous trawlers are Breidtind and Senja. All three vessels were at the quay during the ceremony.Sørkapp is a stern trawler of VARD 8 02 design, developed by Vard in close collaboration with Nergård Havfiske, with a common objective to create an advanced trawler with all latest available technology on board.The 80.4 meters long vessel…

07 Jun 2024

Two Dead After Vessels Collide in Alaska

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One person is dead after two vessels collided near Wrangell, Alaska Wednesday morning, authorities said.U.S. Coast Guard Sector Southeast Alaska Command Center received a mayday call over VHF radio at approximately 8:52 a.m. reporting a person in the water.A 58-foot fishing vessel collided with a 20-foot skiff, throwing one person from the skiff into the water, who was recovered by good Samaritans on-scene.The U.S. Coast Guard and on-scene partner agencies commenced a search for the second person.

03 Jun 2024

Japanese Whaler Says It's Not Planning to Hunt in Antarctic

The operator of Japan's first domestically-built whaling mothership in more than seven decades said on Thursday it had no plans to send the whaler to the Antarctic Ocean, although the new vessel is capable of reaching the region.The 7.5 billion yen ($48 million) Kangei Maru, whose construction was completed less than two months ago, has a cruising range of 7,000 nautical miles."This ship is designed to be able to go to the Antarctic Ocean. But we won't be going to the Antarctic as long as we are engaged in commercial whaling…

03 Jun 2024

Vard to Build New Stern Trawler for Havbryn

Illustration for Vard 8 02 trawler design (Credit: Vard)

Norwegian shipbuilder Vard has secured a new contract for the design and construction of a stern trawler for Havbryn, part of fishing boat company Strand Rederiet.The vessel will be of Vard 8 02 trawler design, outfitted for semi-pelagic and bottom-trawling operations with gentle handling to meet the latest demands for fish health management, efficiency, and environmentally friendly operations.The new vessel will have a length of 80,4 meters and a beam of 16,7 meters. The hull is ice strengthened according to Ice-1A.

13 May 2024

Alert Systems Failed to Notify Crew in Fishing Vessel Fire -NTSB

(Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

A fishing vessel's fire detection and notification system failed to notify crewmembers when the stern trawler caught fire in Tacoma, Wash. last spring.The Kodiak Enterprise was docked at a Trident Seafoods facility in Tacoma when a fire broke out in its the dry stores room on April 8, 2023, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in its recent report on the incident.A deckhand from a nearby vessel first saw the fire and reported it to a Trident security guard, who then called a Trident official…

02 May 2024

Mother and Son to Pay £5,000 for Obstructing UK Coastguard

(Photo: Maritime and Coastguard Agency)

A mother and son will have to pay more than £2,000 for obstructing the work of the U.K.'s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).On March 3, 2022, Rhys Wonnacott, of Milford Haven, prevented MCA surveyors boarding the fishing vessel Provider, moored at Milford Haven Harbour. Because of this, surveyors were unable to complete an inspection of the vessel, as part of a Fishing Vessel Concentrated Inspection Campaign that was taking place that day.Obstructing an MCA surveyor from their duties is against the law…

10 Apr 2024

US Coast Guard Says Boardings of Chinese Fishing Vessels in South Pacific Legal

(File photo: Sara Muir / U.S. Coast Guard)

The U.S. Coast Guard has rejected comments by a Chinese diplomat that its recent boardings of Chinese fishing boats in the Pacific Islands alongside local police are illegal, saying the joint patrols are at the behest of Pacific nations to protect coastal fisheries.Reuters reported last month that six Chinese fishing boats were found to be violating Vanuatu's fisheries law after being inspected by local police who were on board the first U.S. Coast Guard boat to patrol the waters of the Pacific Islands nation.China's Ambassador to New Zealand Wang Xiaolong…

28 Feb 2024

New Stern Trawler Delivered to DFFU

(Photo: Vard)

A new stern trawler has been delivered to Deutsche Fischfang-Union GMbB & Co KG (DFFU) from Vard Brattvaag.The vessel, named Berlin, was developed by VARD in close cooperation with DFFU, based on the VARD 8 03 trawler design developed by Vard Design in Ålesund.Baldvin Thorsteinsson and Samuel Rodriguez, Managing Directors at DFFU said, "The delivery of Berlin is pivotal for DFFU, and VARD has done an excellent job. Over the years, VARD has built several technologically advanced vessels, consistently meeting the highest standard with their craftsmanship and innovation.

29 Jan 2024

Sri Lankan Trawler Rescued from Somali Pirates

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Six crew members of a Sri Lankan fishing trawler hijacked by suspected Somali pirates have been rescued, Sri Lankan officials said on Monday.The hijacking on Sunday was the latest in a series of attacks that have fueled fears of a resurgence of Somali piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea waters after years without a successful raid.Pirates who caused chaos in the key waterways from 2008 to 2018 appear to be taking advantage of disorder caused by attacks on shipping by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group.Authorities were informed of the incident by a second boat traveling with the trawler on Su

11 Jan 2024

Flooded Engine Room Caused Fishing Vessel to Sink -NTSB

The Captain Alex pictured just after the U.S. Coast Guard arrived on scene. (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

Uncontrolled flooding through a hole in the plating beneath the engine room of a fishing vessel led to its sinking in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Thursday.The commercial fishing vessel Captain Alex was fishing offshore of Galveston, Texas on Nov. 25, 2022, when the vessel began flooding. The four crewmembers on board were unable to stem the flooding and evacuated to a responding U.S. Coast Guard boat. The sinking resulted in an oil sheen and debris field; a reported 17,000 gallons of diesel fuel were on board. There were no injuries.

04 Jan 2024

Collision Between Containership and Fishing Vessel Caused by Failure to Keep Watch

Tremont bow awash during the abandonment as seen from the Atlantis. (Source:
Lance Wills, courtesy NTSB)

A fishing vessel mate not maintaining a proper lookout and conducting maintenance on critical equipment while underway led to the collision of a containership and fishing vessel, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said Wednesday. No injuries were reported. Damage to the vessels was estimated at $6.25 million.On October 28, 2022, while the containership MSC Rita was transiting southbound in the Atlantic Ocean, the fishing vessel Tremont was transiting north-northeast in the same area.

30 Dec 2023

Eight Missing After Tanker and Fishing Vessel Collide

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A Singapore-flagged tanker, Pearl Kenzo, collided with a Chinese-flagged fishing vessel, Suiyupu on December 26 at about 12:08 am (Singapore Time) near Chengshan Jiao, China. Eight fishing vessel crew are missing.The tanker was on its way to Zhoushan from Penglai, China, when the incident happened, according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).The China Maritime Safety Administration informed MPA that the fishing vessel had sunk and that the Chinese authorities…

13 Dec 2023

Brunvoll Propulsion Gear on New Fishing Vessel

The new Quantus is designed by Salt Ship Design. (Illustration by Salt Ship Design)

Brunvoll signed a contract with Westcon Yards for the delivery of a wide array of products to the new fishing vessel for owner M.V. Quantus Limited and Peter & J. Johnstone Limited, based in Peterhead, UK. Included is the Retractable Azimuth Combi Thruster. The vessel is designed by Salt Ship Design and will be delivered from the yard by the end of 2025.The Brunvoll delivery for Quantus will consist of main propulsion and gear, the BruCon Propulsion and Thruster Control (PTC) system…

04 Oct 2023

Philippines Says Marshall Islands-flagged Tanker May Have Been Involved in Deadly Sea Collision

An oil tanker registered under the flag of the Marshall Islands was suspected to have been involved in an 'accidental collision' with a Philippine boat in the South China Sea that killed three fishermen, the Philippine coast guard said on Wednesday.Philippine coast guard spokesperson Armando Balilo said that the incident was under investigation but that coast guard monitoring pointed to the Pacific Anna, registered under the flag of Marshall Islands, as the likely vessel that collided with the fishing boat.The coast guard said in a statement the Philippine boat "failed to detect" the approaching foreign vessel because of poor weather, resulting in a collision that caused the boat to capsize.

02 Oct 2023

Corvus to Equip First Hydrogen/electric Hybrid Fishing and Training Vessel

Photo caption: With Hydrogen fuel cells on board, MS Skulebas will be the world`s first zero-emission fishing vessel. Picture: Hvide Sande Shipyard

Corvus Energy, a company providing zero-emission solutions for the maritime industry, said Monday it had won a contract with Hvide Sande Shipyard in Denmark to supply a complete hydrogen fuel cell system for the training vessel “MS Skulebas.” "This marks a historic milestone for Corvus Energy," Corvus Energy said."The 35-meter fishing and training vessel has the latest technology and commercial fishing systems installed and sets an example of innovation and cooperation within the maritime and education sectors.

15 Sep 2023

Iceland Suspends Whaling Ship over Animal Welfare Violation

Iceland has suspended the operations of one of its two whaling vessels for taking too long to kill a fin whale, the authorities and the boat's owner said on Friday.The government two weeks ago ended a two-month pause in whaling that had been imposed after a report concluded that killing whales took longer than Iceland's animal welfare law allowed.Although it imposed stricter regulations and surveillance in order to limit the whales' suffering, there were nevertheless protests from animal welfare campaigners and Hollywood stars including Leonardo DiCaprio.An inspection carried out on Sept.

14 Sep 2023

DFFU's New Trawler Arrives at Vard Brattvaag for Completion

(Photo: Vard)

The Romanian-built hull of a new stern trawler being constructed forGermany's Deutsche Fischfang Union GmbH & Co. KG (DFFU) has arrived Vard Brattvaag in Norway for completion.The stern trawler is of VARD 8 03 design and developed in close cooperation with DFFU. The new vessel is 84 meters long with a 16.7-meter beam and accommodation for 34 people on board.The hull was built at Vard Braila in Romania. In Norway, the vessel will now be outfitted with equipment for onboard production and environmentally friendly operations.Vard Electro will deliver a complete SeaQ package…

11 Sep 2023

CHIRP Introduces Fishing Sector Safety Newsletter

© Анна Костенко / Adobe Stock

Voluntary near-miss reporting scheme CHIRP Maritime is celebrating its 20th anniversary by introducing a new fishing sector safety newsletter alongside its regular 'Maritime FEEDBACK' editions.Adam Parnell, CHIRP Director (Maritime), says: “We hope to create a safe and non-judgemental learning environment where fishers can share, and learn from, the experiences of others. This helps to prevent similar incidents in the future and contributes to a safer maritime environment overall.”The…

30 Aug 2023

Report: Submerged Rock Led to Fishing Vessel Grounding

Challenger courtesy of Alward Fisheries

A captain’s decision to navigate close to shore in an area with uncharted rocks led to the grounding and capsizing of a fishing vessel in Alaska last year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said.The Challenger struck a submerged rock while fishing for salmon along the shore of Kodiak Island, Alaska on August 7, 2022. The vessel began taking on more water than the onboard pumps could handle. The captain and three crewmembers abandoned ship and were rescued by a nearby Good Samaritan fishing vessel, and the vessel capsized soon after.

24 Aug 2023

MAIB Warns on Liferafts After Failure

Source: MAIB

The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has issued a safety bulletin following the engine room flooding and foundering of the stern trawler Piedras (FD 528) which led to the failure of a liferaft to inflate. A second liferaft was successfully launched, and the crew were rescued.Both liferafts exhibited deficiencies that raised servicing and certification concerns and are likely to have contributed to the failure, says MAIB. The port liferaft was never recovered, but inspection of the starboard liferaft found that it had not been correctly serviced since manufacture in March 2007…

17 Aug 2023

Fish Factory Vessel Leaking Ammonia in Tacoma

(Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

A 77-year-old fish factory vessel with a checkered history is reportedly leaking ammonia in Tacoma, Wash.The U.S. Coast Guard said on Wednesday it is responding to the incident on board the U.S.-registered Pacific Producer, a 169-foot-long seafood processing vessel with a long string of health, safety and labor violations.Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology crews in HAZMAT suits are currently working to locate leak. The vessel poses no immediate threat to the public…

31 Jul 2023

Shipshape: Simplifying Boat Control and Improving Maneuverability

(Image: Emerson)

Any competition requires skill — but when the stakes are high and seas are rough, the right technology can set contenders apart. On the popular National Geographic reality series "Wicked Tuna" and its spinoff, "Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks," commercial fishing crews compete to reel in elusive bluefin tuna. To brave North Atlantic waters off the coast of Gloucester, where the series is set, and bring in fish that are several hundred pounds, it's critical that captains outfit their…