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Joseph Arthur Sloan

THE name of Sloan has been very prominently identified with the history of shipbuilding in the United States for many ears, first on the Great Lakes, and more recently the Pacific Coast. Joseph Arthur Sloan, of catcle and inacortes, Wash., is one of the best- Known shipbuilding men in the country. He was ::rn in Cleveland, Ohio, January 20, 1862, the n of Edward Henry and Mary (Dillon) Sloan.

Ward Lumber Company

Handling and distribution of the varieties of lumber for ship use one of the most im- p rtant enterprises is that of the Adsit-Ward Lumber Company, whose yards, buildings, and siieds occupy a three-acre tract on Pacific Avenue. the Morris Canal and Van Horn Street in Jersey City, N. J. The business is a partnership, of which Charles E Adsit and A.


HOLDEN ALLEN EVANS, president of The Baltimore Dry Docks and Ship Building Company, was born in Greenville, Alabama, December 6, 1871, the son of Holden and Martha Anderson (Van Allen) Evans. In both paternal and maternal lines he is descended from old Colonial families prominent in the Southern Colonies and States.

Charles A. Parsons

THE following is a sketch of the career of the Hon. Sir Charles A. Parsons, K.C.B.,F.R.S., D.Sc., etc., the brilliant inventor and engineer, and chairman of the Parsons Ma- r -r Steam Turbine Company, Limited, Turbinia . works. Wallsend-on-Tyne, and C. A. Parsons and Company, Limited, Heaton Works,

Edward J. Barber

I X these days, when the question of the re-habilitation and enlargement of our American Merchant Marine looms so prominently in the horizon, it is well to reflect how much we owe to the men and firms that have steadily kept the American flag floating in all parts of the world. Of these no name is

Karl Krogstad

KARL KROGSTAD THE large participation of experienced Norwegian men and firms in the expansion of America's foreign commerce is ably represented by the house of S. O. Stray & Co., of Christiansands, Norway, the largest sailing shipowners in Scandinavia and long leaders in the shipping interests in Norway.


A BERTH AW IN SHIPBUILDING A. O. Andersen & Company Inc Alexander Ephraim Brownn American Coal Exporting Company Antonio Basilio Caragol Arthur C. Stratford Arthur H. Page Company, Ltd....The Wilson Transit Co. BEN HAM & BOYESEN, INC. Bouker Contracting Company Brenack Stevedoring Company C. D. Dyler C. F. HARMS & COMPANY Camden Forge Company Captain A. P. Lundin CHARLES A. ANDERSON & COMPANY Charles Lorenzo Hutchinson Charles Randolph Stewar Christen Christensen, JR COLONNA MARINE RAILWAY CORPORATION Count Francois Marion Rafailovich Cox & Stevens. Crawford Hatcher Ellis Daniel Coy Chase Donald, Stewart & Company EASTERN SHORE SHIPBUILDING CORPORATION Edward Walker Nichols Ernest C. Klipstein FOREIGN TRANSPORT & MERCANTILE CORPORATION France.Canada Steamship Corporation Frank Sarkis Shields Frank Waterhouse & Company G. S. Green Company, Inc George A Carden-National Shipping Corporation George Stout Shimer Guy Menefee Standifer H. Farquharson Kerr Hakon W. Ramberg Harry Coulby HOLDEN ALLEN EVANS Horace Simpson Wilkinson Ira S. Bushey J.M. Willis Jacbro Products Corporation Jacob Charles Reichert James Barret Crockett James P. Mcallister Jmes R. Raymond And The Raymond Releashing Device John Platt John Stanley Ashley Joseph Arthur Sloan Joseph Mercadante JUDSON FREJGHT FORWARDING COMPANY L. A. Dalrymple Percival. Mcgiffin & Company Leonard Chandler Harry Low Transportation Line Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company NEPTUNE BOAT WORKS Norfolk Marine Railway Company, Incorporated Norwegian-American Securities Corporation Ocean Transportation Corporation Otto Rademan RELIANCE PAINT COMPANY Robert H. Laverie Robert J. Tod T. S. Southgate & Company Taggart Coal Company The Baltimore Dry Docks Ship Building Co The Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company The Reiss Steamship Company & Norht American Steamship Co The Rocky River Dry Dock Company The Tokstad Co.,inc. THE UNION SULEHUR COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY The W. And A. Fletcher Company THE YOUROVETA HOME FOREIGN TRADE CO., INC. TheNewYorkShipbuildingCorporation Theodore E.Ferris Vidkunn Johnsen W. C. Richardson WALLACE DOWNEY Ward Lumber Company Water L. Webster WATERBURY COMPANY WILL ARD U. TAYLOR William Cecil Lacombe William Drew Dittmar William G. Mather WILLIAM HORACE WILLIAMS William Livingstone Worthington Pump And Machinery Corporation YULE & MUNRO

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