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20 Nov 2023

Standard Supply to Sell PSV Trio for $72.2M

Credit: Alan Jamieson/Flickr - CC BY 2.0 DEED

Oslo-listed Standard Supply has recently agreed to sell three large platform supply vessels, Standard Viking, Standard Supplier, and Standard Defender, for a gross of $72.2 million.Adjusting for ownership, proceeds to Standard Supply will be $69.5 million gross. The transaction is contingent upon certain conditions to be lifted by the end of November, and completion is expected no later than mid-January 2024. Martin Nes, Chairman of Standard Supply said: “Standard Supply was always intended to be an asset play with an opportunistic approach towards the market.

30 Oct 2023

Havila Shipping Sells Three Offshore Vessels to Repay Debt

Credit: panalot/AdobeStock

Norwegian offshore vessel owner Havila Shipping said Monday it had sold three vessels following demands from lenders.Havila Shipping said that, under its restructuring agreement, it had sold the platform supply vessel Havila Commander and the AHTS vessels Havila Jupiter and Havila Venus."The ships are scheduled to be delivered to new owners at the beginning of November. The sales proceeds will be used to repay the debt and will have a limited effect on the company's liquidity…

12 Oct 2023

UK Offshore Vessel Owner Welcomes Sustainable Shipping Specialist

Dr Tamara Topić  - Credit: North Star

North Star, a UK-based offshore vessel owner, with a growing fleet of offshore wind support vessels, has hired sustainable shipping specialist Dr Tamara Topić to lead on the implementation of its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategy."Dr Topić brings a wealth of experience and expertise in maritime sustainability, environmental impact assessment, and corporate governance. With a PhD in sustainable shipping from Newcastle University’s Marine, Offshore and Subsea Technology department, and a M.Sc.

11 Oct 2023

MOL and MOLMEC to Launch DP System Simulator Training Program for Offshore Wind Crews

Credit: MOL

Japanese companies Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and MOL Marine & Engineering Co. (MOLMEC) said Wednesday they would launch a training program using the Dynamic Positioning (DP) System simulator, targeting crewmembers of self-elevating platform (SEP) vessels and service operation vessels (SOVs), which will support offshore wind power generation projects. The two firms aim to complete the program and open the course at the MOL DP Training Center by the end of 2023.MOL said the training program would be open to a wide range of applicants from Japan and overseas…

11 Oct 2023

Vard Accommodation Changes Name. Wins Service Operation Vessel HVAC-R Contract

Credit: VARD Accommodation

Vard Accommodation said Wednesday it had changed its name to Vard Interiors. The company also said it had secured a new contract with Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding."Vard Accommodation is changing its name to Vard Interiors to show more clearly the full range of products within the company, covering the full interior of the ship—decoration, furniture, piping, and HVAC-R," the company said."With the new name Vard Interiors, we strengthen our position as a deliverer of the complete interior of the ship…

10 Oct 2023

Hornbeck Offshore Services to Complete Ultra-High-Spec MPSVs After Legal Settlement

Credit: Hornbeck Offshore Services

U.S.-based offshore vessel operator Hornbeck Offshore Services confirmed Monday it had reached a final settlement agreement with the surety (the “Surety”) for two Multi-Purpose Support Vessels (MPSVs) that had been under construction at Gulf Island Shipyards.Gulf Island Shipyards (GIS) sued Hornbeck Offshore in 2018 over what it said was the wrongful termination of two shipyard construction contracts for the final two vessels in the company's fifth offshore support vessel (OSV)…

10 Oct 2023

Incat Crowther to Design 60-Meter FSIVs

© Incat Crowther

Incat Crowther has been commissioned by Singaporean shipbuilder Lita Ocean to design three new ABS-Classed monohull fast support intervention vessels (FSIVs) for Zamil Offshore. The new 60-metre FSIVs will assist Zamil Offshore with the efficient and safe transport of cargo, heavy maintenance equipment and personnel for Saudi Aramco’s operations in the Middle East. The vessels will comply with the latest MCVSR requirements from Saudi Aramco, including ABS SMART and IDM-A notations.The…

29 Sep 2023

IWS Fleet Strikes Deal to Put Off Yard Payments for Offshore Wind Service Vessels

  ©IWS Fleet

Integrated Wind Solutions' subsidiary, IWS Fleet AS, has agreed with the shipyard China Merchants Industry Holdings to postpone equity yard installments of a total of 36 million euros on IWS Seawalker, IWS Starwalker, IWS Moonwalker, and IWS Sunwalker offshore wind service vessels up to one year, to strengthen the company’s liquidity position. The delivery schedules for IWS Windwalker, IWS Seawalker, and IWS Sunwalker vessels are unchanged, while IWS Moonwalker and IWS Sunwalker are moved forward by one month.

29 Sep 2023

Vroon Offloads 30 Offshore Service Vessels to Britoil

Credit: Britoil

Britoil Offshore Services said this week it had acquired 30 offshore service vessels and supporting offices in Singapore from Dutch shipping firm Vroon."The acquisition will see an expansion of Britoil’s operating footprint into the Mediterranean, the North Sea and Asia Pacific. The operations will also synergise in the Middle East and Africa," Britoil said.The 30 vessels and supporting offices were part of Vroon’s offshore services business. Earlier this year, Vroon announced it would sell these vessels as part of a strategic reorientation.

27 Sep 2023

GEOS to Sell VOS Sugar Offshore Vessel at 'Substantial Profit'

The Norwegian offshore vessel owner Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (“GEOS”) said Wednedsay it had entered into a memorandum of agreement (the “MoA”) with an undisclosed buyer for the sale of the subsea support vessel VOS Sugar.The VOS Sugar is one of the Vroon Offshore vessels GEOS agreed to buy last month, a purchase which is in the process of completing. The MoA is subject to satisfactory vessel inspection by the buyer. Provided that the subject is lifted, the sale is expected to be completed in November 2023. "The agreed sales price in the MoA is EUR 15 million and when completed would represent a substantial cash profit to the company relative to the acquisition cost of USD 9.4 million in the [Vroon fleet acquisition]…

03 Aug 2023

GEOS Secures Two-month Contract Extension for PSV in Norway

Norwegian offshore vessel owner Golden Energy Offshore Services AS (GEOS) has secured a contract extension with Repsol for its Energy Swan platform supply vessel in Norway.The contract is a direct continuation of the current charter contract from 2021.The large PSV Energy Swan was chartered in 2021 for a firm period of one year, plus another optional year.Since the expiration of the firm period, the two companies have agreed to several extensions, with this latest being for two more months, until November  1, 2023. Financial details of the latest extension were not disclosed.The are no more options available for Repsol Norge AS after November 1, 2023. The 2005-built Energy Swan is a ST 216 design large PSV / pipe carrier.

25 Jul 2023

Schottel to Provide Full Propulsion Packages for Edda Wind's New CSOVs

Credit: Schottel

Marine propulsion specialist Schottel will equip four Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) being built by the Norwegian VARD Group with full propulsion packages.The package per vessel consists of two SCHOTTEL Dynamic RudderPropellers type SRP 460 D, one SCHOTTEL Retractable RudderPropeller type SRP 380 R, and two SCHOTTEL TransverseThrusters type STT 5. The vessels are being built for Norwegian offshore wind vessel owner Edda Wind.“Being part of the Edda Wind fleet fills us with great pride,” says SCHOTTEL CEO Stefan Kaul.

08 Dec 2022

Equinor Books Solstad's Battery-hybrid PSV Duo

©Solstad Offshore

Norwegian offshore vessel operator Solstad Offshore's Normand Naley and Sea Frost platform supply vessels have been awarded five-year contracts by Equinor in the UK.Both contracts, of an undisclosed value, will be in effect for five years, starting in January 2023. The contracts include options for further extensions.The Sea Frost, which has been on contract with Equinor since 2017, will be upgraded with a battery-hybrid system and shore power as part of the contract. The Normand…

17 Sep 2020

Vroon to Recycle Three PSVs

Depressed market conditions have led Vroon to recycle three of its PSVs: VOS Power, VOS Producer and VOS Prominence. (Photo: Vroon Offshore Services)

The offshore oil and gas downturn has claimed three more victims.Dutch-based Vroon Offshore Services (VOS) will dispose of three out-of-work platform supply vessels (PSV) in an effort to "right-size" its fleet amid the prolonged industry slump, the offshore services firm announced Wednesday.The 2006- and 2007-built VOS Power, VOS Producer and VOS Prominence will be mobilized to a ship-recycling facility during the second half of this month to be dismantled in compliance with EU/national laws and all applicable international regulations and guidelines…

24 Jun 2020

Connecting the Dots to Create Intelligent SOVs

(Image: Royal IHC)

The development of autonomous vessels is a hot topic in shipbuilding. This is certainly the case for the service operation vessels (SOV) being developed at Royal IHC (IHC). In our case, the word 'autonomous’ stands for ‘intelligent’ vessels, designed to support the crew in their operations on board.SOVs can spend many years at the same offshore wind farm to support the maintenance of the turbines. Daily tasks include visits to the turbines to provide access via the motion-compensated gangway.

11 May 2020

Harvey Gulf Secures PSV Extensions, Fuel Contract

(Photo: Harvey Gulf)

U.S. based offshore vessel owner Harvey Gulf International Marine announced Monday it has signed two 18-month contract extensions for two of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered platform supply vessels (PSV), Harvey Liberty and Harvey Freedom. The extensions will keep both vessels under charter well into 2022."Each vessel will produce EBDITA returns on a annual basis north of 50% to the company," Harvey CEO, Shane Guidry told Marine Link.Harvey also announced it signed a long term contract to supply diesel fuel to a super major for its new fuel dock in Port Fourchon…

22 Apr 2020

DOF: Several OSVs Might Go in Layup

Skandi Vega - Image by Cavernia/Wikimedia - Shared under CC BY-SA 4.0 license

Norwegian offshore vessel operator DOF has warned that several of its vessels might be laid up after the end of their current contracts, citing lack of new work opportunities amid the oil price rout and COVID-19 pandemic effects. On a positive note, Equinor has chartered one of its vessels on a long term deal."There has been a sharp decline in the tender activities, with few new contract opportunities and less projects to bid for. Due to the sharp decline in the oil price, the…

11 Mar 2020

Damen Launches Support Vessel Blue Ocean

Dutch shipbuilding major Damen Shipyards Group launched its new 55-meter support yacht named Blue Ocean in its yard at Antalya, Turkey and will soon be ready for delivery.The new vessel is the eighth launch from the 55m YS 5009 (182 ft) range and will be available for delivery in spring 2020.The launch of Blue Ocean highlights the multipurpose role of Yacht Support vessels. She is the first Yacht Support built with a large multipurpose Main Deck hangar, which can be used for submersible and dive operations, or as a vehicle garage or workshop.According to a statement, like previous deliveries, Blue Ocean is configured for a blend of adventure and superyacht support functions…

15 Jan 2020

Prosafe Misses Payment to Cosco

The largest and most versatile fleet of semi-submersible accommodation vessels in operation worldwide Prosafe SE has missed its final payment to China’s Cosco shipyard for the Safe Notos flotel.Offshore accommodation specialist  informed last November that it had re-evaluated its outlook and revised its forecasts resulting in a $341 million write down of assets and consequently a marginalized book equity amid a prolonged downturn and weaker outlook in the North Sea.Prosafe further informed that although the company had sufficient liquidity until early 2021, it would in light of the market outlook commence discussions with its lenders with a view to ensure sufficient financial flexibility for the longer term.The discussions with its lenders are ongoing and constructive.

27 Jan 2020

HST Takes Delivery of 4th FCS

The UK-based High Speed Transfers (HST) has taken delivery of its fourth fast crew supplier (FCS) 2710, eighteen months after receiving its first, the HST 'Hudson'.HST received HST Hudson, in June 2018, which was followed by HST Sofia in March 2019 and HST Harri in October of the same year.The latest addition is named HST Euan and in mid-January 2020 she was loaded on to a heavy lift vessel at Damen Shipyards Antalya in Turkey bound for Rotterdam.The HST Euan replicates the features and layout of her sister ships. These include capacity for 26 passengers in safety and comfort and the ability to operate in wave heights of more than two meters.

04 Dec 2019

North Sea: Inmarsat Targets OSVs

British satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat plc will extend its service portfolio for customers with the launch of Fleet LTE, following an agreement with subsea fibre and offshore LTE network operator, Tampnet.The new service which is primarily aimed at offshore support vessel (OSV) operators, but could also be used by fishing and ferry operators operating in the area,  leverages low-latency, high data speed communications available via a dedicated Access Point Name (APN) on the Tampnet North Sea LTE network and could be extended to other regions such as the Gulf of Mexico if successful.Inmarsat’s new Fleet LTE service means customers can access high speed 4G…

04 Dec 2019

Wärtsilä Systems for Spliethoff OSV

Finnish tech company Wärtsilä will supply equipment for two offshore support vessels (OSV)under construction at the Fujian Mawei Shipbuilding yard in China for Netherlands-based shipping company Spliethoff.The order with Wärtsilä is booked in November 2019, said a press note.The design of the two DP2-B-type ships combines the intake of a multi-purpose vessel with Dynamic Positioning station-keeping ability, thus making them ideal for supplying cargo to offshore installations. The versatile characteristics give the ships a unique position on the market. The design parameters specified high fuel efficiency and a minimal environmental footprint…

04 Dec 2019

Crew Transfer Vessel Delivered to Cape Preston

Ardea, a 20-meter catamaran crew transfer and support vessel, was delivered to Cape Preston in Western Australia earlier in 2019, Australian marine engineering design company Incat Crowther announced.Built by Echo Marine Group, the Incat Crowther 20 design has proven speed, robustness and seakeeping capabilities beyond its size, said a press release from the naval architect and engineering services firm.With twin Cummins QSK19s, each producing 597kW at 2,100rpm and twin Kamewa S45-3 waterjets it reaches a maximum speed of 25 knots. Its performance is owed to a hull form based on Incat Crowther’s proven crew transfer vessels operating…

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