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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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13 May 2024

Elliott Bay Design Group, ioCurrents Partner to Drive Maritime Innovation

From left to right: Cosmo King, co-founder & CIO, ioCurrents; Mike Complita, director of strategic expansion, EBDG; Will Roberts, CEO, ioCurrents; and Robert Ekse, president, EBDG (Photo: EBDG)

Naval architecture and marine engineering firm Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) on Monday announced it is teaming up with data analytics company ioCurrents to help drive innovation in the maritime industry.Under a newly signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), the partners have established a collaborative framework to explore new ideas for collecting and evaluating operating and performance data to reduce vessel cost, emissions and other potential benefits to the maritime industry.

09 May 2024

Charting the Future: Hiroaki Sakashita President & CEO, ClassNK

Decarbonization will [most dramatically] change the structure of seaborne trade, ships’ specification and design, ships’ operation, and the economic mechanism of maritime transportation.
– Hiroaki Sakashita, President & CEO, ClassNK
Image Courtesy Class NK

ClassNK is one of the world’s leading maritime classification societies with more than 9,200 ships totaling more than 273 million gross tons under class at the end of 2023, and a global service network of more than 120 survey offices. Last month while in Tokyo we had the opportunity to sit with Hiroaki Sakashita, President & CEO, ClassNK, a marine industry veteran for his insights on the trends driving ship classification today and in the future.Hiroaki Sakashita took the helm at ClassNK at one of the most historically significant times in history…

16 Apr 2024

Consortium Forms North Pacific Green Corridor

Source: Oldendorff Carriers

Global industry leaders from North America, Asia and Europe have announced the formation of the North Pacific Green Corridor Consortium (NPGCC) whose members and partners will work together to decarbonize the value chain for commodities between North America and Asia.The NPGCC will apply its collective expertise to develop a corridor for the decarbonized transportation of multiple commodities, including agricultural products, metal concentrates and steelmaking coal.The members of the NPGCC are committed to establishing the consortium as a catalyst for decarbonization efforts…

11 Apr 2024

Insights: Jennifer Carpenter, President & CEO, American Waterways Operators

Jennifer Carpenter, President & CEO, American Waterways Operators (Photo: AWO)

Jennifer Carpenter joined The American Waterways Operators (AWO), the national trade association representing the inland and coastal tugboat, towboat and barge industry, in August 1990 and became its president and CEO in January 2020. She highlights some of the greatest focus areas for the 80-year-old trade group—simultaneously looking at both the present day and the road ahead.The towboat, tug and barge industry is in a period of rapid evolution. How is AWO—now in its 80th year…

05 Apr 2024

On Board the eWolf: The First Electric Tugboat in the US

(Photo: Eric Haun)

Crowley Maritime Corporation has owned and operated a lot of vessels since its founding in 1892. But the latest vessel to join its fleet is unlike any other that has come before it.Crowley’s new harbor tug, eWolf, is unique in that it runs 100% powered by batteries, not diesel engines, meaning it produces zero emissions and nearly no noise. Not only is the vessel the first fully electric tug in the Crowley fleet, but it is also the first of its kind in the United States.Faced with stricter regulations and commercial pressure to prioritize environmental…

14 Mar 2024

PPG Unveils New ‘Ultra Low-Friction’ Vessels Coating

Bow coated with PPG NEXEON 810 marine coating (Credit: PPG)

PPG has launched the PPG NEXEON 810 coating, described as an innovative copper­-free antifouling coating developed with a strong emphasis on vessel performance, emissions reduction and sustainability.Independent tests, following ISO 19030 and International Towing Tank Conference standards, have confirmed that the ultrasmooth surface of PPG Nexeon 810 coating can yield an immediate boost in power of up to 10% and enhance operational efficiency by up to 15%, according to PPG.This is due to improved fouling control performance…

01 Mar 2024

US Offshore Wind: Down but Not Out

© Eric Dale Creative / Adobe Stock

“The winds of change are blowing wild and free.” – Bob DylanIn the U.S. offshore wind industry, developments over recent months have placed an exclamation point on the word “wild”. Yes, the wind still blows “free”, but mounting challenges have proven that harnessing its power offshore is anything but. In fact, far from it, as rising materials costs, high interest rates, labor shortages and supply chain delays, among other issues, have delivered heavy blows to the commercial viability of several projects.

26 Feb 2024

Glamox to Light Up PGS’ Seismic Vessels

(Credit: PGS)

Lighting solutions specialist Glamox has won a contract from PGS to provide marine LED lighting for eight of its vessels that undertake seismic surveys of the seabed.This first phase of the major retrofit project will involve replacing fluorescent tube lighting with around 2,500 marine-certified LED luminaires fitted on the exterior and interior of the eight vessels.PGS’s switch to energy-efficient LED lighting is being driven by its desire to comply with emission reduction targets…

22 Feb 2024

MARAD Designates More Centers of Excellence for Maritime Training

© angeldibilio / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) announced the designation of 32 Centers of Excellence (COE) for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education. The designated COEs consist of 50 maritime training locations across 17 states and Guam. The designation recognizes and promotes support to post-secondary maritime training programs that prepare students for careers in the maritime industry.“Our country depends on a highly-skilled mariner workforce to strengthen both our economy and our national security,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

14 Feb 2024

Seatrium Renews Exclusive Deal with Gaslog and Shell for LGN Carrier Repairs

(Credit: Seatrium)

Singapore-based Seatrium has renewed its long-term favored customer contract (FCC) with GasLog LNG Services and Shell International Trading and Shipping Company (STASCO) to provide ship repairs, refurbishment and upgrading for their LNG carriers until 2029, with further renewal options.The contract marks a collaborative partnership between Seatrium and these two leading maritime companies with whom the Singaporean group has established a long history of collaboration.The contract involves the repairs…

12 Feb 2024

MARAD’s Title XI Changes: Good News for Offshore Wind?

© Maxim Khalansky / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) in December issued a final rule updating its financial requirements for the Federal Ship Financing Program, commonly referred to as Title XI. While the move applies to the U.S. maritime industry as a whole, it is seen as especially helpful for players looking to serve the U.S. offshore wind sector.Designed to promote the growth and modernization of the U.S. merchant marine and U.S. shipyards, Title XI provides for a full faith and credit guarantee by the U.S. government. The program essentially aims to encourage U.S.

12 Feb 2024

Future Ships: Picture Perfect

(Image: Siemens)

Big data, advanced computers and AI are allowing vessel designers to prepare models that leave essentially nothing to chance.“Lastly, it may be of considerable importance to form from the draught a block model of the vessel from which a still more accurate judgment may be formed of the fitness and beauty of the body. And should any defect be discovered, farther alterations must still be made, till the draught and the model are perfectly approved of. These different alterations and repeated calculations may appear very tedious…

12 Feb 2024

BAR Tech Signs European Supplier for Wind Propulsion Systems

(Credit: BAR Technologies)

BAR Technologies, a developer of wind propulsion systems, has entered into partnership with floating offshore wind platforms pioneer Nervion Naval Offshore to manage and oversee the production of BAR Technologies’ wing sail design WindWings in Europe.The agreement with Nervion, a company owned by Amper Group and with factories in Ferrol and As Somozas in Galicia, Spain, is the first manufacturing partnership for BAR Technologies outside of China.It is expected to provide European customers…

08 Feb 2024

Insights: Blake Powell, JMS Naval Architects

Blake Powell, President, JMS Naval Architects (Photo: JMS Naval Architects)

Blake Powell, president at JMS Naval Architects, discusses his career, company and latest trends in naval architecture and marine engineering.Please give a brief professional bio, including education, experience and overview of current duties as president of JMS Naval Architects.I earned my degree in Naval Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley where I attended on a Navy ROTC scholarship and was commissioned as a Diving and Salvage Officer after I graduated.

07 Feb 2024

Panama Canal Does Not Plan Transit Restrictions Before April

Source: Panama Canal Authority

The Panama Canal sees no need for further vessel transit restrictions until at least April, when its authority will evaluate water levels at the end of the dry season, Deputy Administrator Ilya Espino told Reuters.A severe drought last year forced the canal to reduce the number of vessels allowed to pass per day. In December, rains in the last quarter of the year allowed the waterway to suspend further restrictions that would have been applied in January.In recent months, attacks to ships at the Red Sea have prompted many vessel owners to take longer routes to and from Asia…

02 Feb 2024

OSV Owners Reap the Rewards of Data Sharing

L to R: Greg Trauthwein, President, New Wave Media; Eric Griffin, Vice President, Offshore Energy & Fishing, Inmarsat; Maritime Ron Welles, C-Comm Manager, Marine Technologies; Kyle Pemberton, Manager of Engineering, SEACOR; Dain Detillier, Executive Vice President – LNG Operations, Harvey Gulf International Marine.Image courtesy Eric Haun.

A ‘Connected Future’ seminar, organized by Inmarsat in collaboration with Maritime Reporter & Engineering News and moderated by Greg Trauthwein, encapsulated the critical roles technology and data sharing play in enabling more efficient and sustainable workboat operations, and in improving conditions for crew.Insights from leading Offshore Supply Vessel owners and operators capture the extent to which technology and data sharing are driving greater efficiency, sustainability and…

31 Jan 2024

CMA CGM Lines Up Methanol Retrofits

© sheilaf2002 / Adobe Stock

CMA CGM has lined up several of its existing containerships for conversion to dual-fuel methanol propulsion.The French ocean carrier has signed contracts with China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s (CSC) Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding to carry out the conversions starting from mid-2025. The program will reportedly include one or two 9,300 TEU vessels but could grow to up to 10 ships if successful.CMA CGM joins a growing list of container shipping companies that have moved to convert ships to run on methanol…

30 Jan 2024

NTSB Issues Safety Alert on Personal Locator Devices for Mariners

Exemplar personal locator beacon (left) and satellite emergency notification device (center), and a personal locator beacon attached to a lifejacket (right). (Source: (left), (center), and Varen (right))

A new safety alert issued by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) urges vessel owners and operators to provide each crewmember with a personal locator device. These devices improve a mariner’s chance of rescue during an emergency.During an emergency at sea, a mariner’s chance of survival decreases if search and rescue cannot quickly and accurately identify their location. Personal locator devices, such as personal locator beacons (PLB) or satellite emergency notification devices (SEND), can accurately pinpoint a person’s location.

29 Jan 2024

Designing Ships Around Emissions: The Right Path or a Fork in the Road?

© xtock / Adobe Stock

When discussing ship design, the maritime industry has been tossing around a number of new terms and definitions. Sustainability, alternative fuel “ready”, digitization and lifecycle are a few of the terms becoming more commonplace amid the industry’s search for zero emissions solutions. As IMO MEPC 80 meetings push emissions reduction to meet “well to wake” requirements, we will learn much of the challenge is tied to energy and infrastructure ashore. Electrification and the development…

24 Jan 2024

Crowley's All-electric Harbor Tug eWolf Delivered

Crowley's eWolf is the first all-electric ship assist harbor tugboat in the U.S. (Photo: Crowley)

Crowley on Wednesday announced it has taken delivery of its groundbreaking vessel eWolf, the first all-electric, ship assist harbor tugboat in the United States.The 82-foot tug, designed by Crowley’s engineering services team and built by Coden, Ala. shipbuilder Master Boat Builders, will enter service at the Port of San Diego this spring following final demonstration trials and completion of Crowley’s microgrid shoreside charging station. The vessel will operate with zero emissions while providing the complete performance capabilities of a traditional tug…

18 Jan 2024

Bahri Charters Methanol-fueled Tanker Pair

(Photo: Proman)

Bahri business unit Bahri Chemicals will charter two newbuild methanol-powered tankers under a five-year agreement with methanol producer Proman. The vessels, which were officially named during a ceremony hosted at Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) in China in November 2023 where both ships were built, will be deployed to transport various products globally.The vessels are the final two of an initial six-strong methanol-fueled tanker fleet commissioned through the partnership between Proman and Stena Bulk.

15 Jan 2024

Exploring 'Future Fuels' - Methanol’s Superstorage Solution

Image courtesy SRC

Technical inquiries to SRC Group ramped up after it received Approval in Principle (AIP) for a concept which ‘reinvented methanol fuel storage’ on board ships. Delivering the answers has seen technical talk converting into project discussions        ‘Green’ methanol has the ability to one day run vessels almost emission-free, and commercial shipping increasingly investigates. Derived today principally from natural gas, methanol is nonetheless available, relatively easy to handle and predictable.

28 Dec 2023

Red Sea Shipping Workarounds Add Costs, Delays for Suppliers

© EvrenKalinbacak / Adobe Stock

Toymaker Basic Fun's team that oversees ocean shipments of Tonka trucks and Care Bears for Walmart and other retailers is racing to reroute cargo away from the Suez Canal following militant attacks on vessels in the Red Sea.Suppliers for the likes of IKEA, Home Depot, Amazon and retailers around the world are doing the same as businesses grapple with the biggest shipping upheaval since the COVID-19 pandemic threw global supply chains into disarray, sources in the logistics industry said.Florida-based Basic Fun usually ships all Europe-bound toys from its China factories via the Suez Canal…