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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Tankerska Selects Digital Package from Metis and Kongsberg Digital

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June 4, 2024

Source: Metis

Source: Metis

A collaboration between Metis, Kongsberg Digital, and Tankerska plovidba has significantly advanced the Croatian owner’s strategy of using real-time analytics to enhance fleet efficiency and reduce ship emissions.

The 49,990dwt Tankerska ship Vukovar has been installed with an integrated Metis-Kongsberg package. The solution imports data acquired through Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital’s vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, into the advanced vessel and fleet performance analytics platform developed by Metis.

Vessel Insight captures data from shipboard control systems and sensors, translating it into clear, usable sets. With an edge computer on the ship, data is aggregated, compressed and cached, then uploaded to a secure location in the cloud. Once accessed by the Metis platform, it can be analyzed for machinery and hull performance, ship emissions, or any other parameter set by the owner. Information is presented to the user via live dashboards and performance updates.

For Vukovar, the Metis platform offers real-time monitoring of the ship’s machinery and operational status, with analytics covering fuel oil consumption, main engine and diesel generators, operational profile and performance, and electrical power utilization.

“The collaborative nature of the project is reflected in the owner’s requirements for scheduled technical and noon reports, while the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) scheme is also included in the analytics,” said Panos Theodossopoulos, CEO Metis. “This project also brought an opportunity for Metis to offer enhanced voyage planning, with accurate weather predictions used to optimize fuel oil consumption, ETA and carbon intensity expectations.”