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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Digitalization News

12 Jun 2024

Opsealog Expands Fleet Digitalization Contract with CLV Operator

Orange Marineā€™s Pierre de Fermat cable layer (Credit: Orange Marine)

Opsealog, a provider of data integration and analysis services for the maritime and offshore industry, has confirmed the renewal and expansion of its service contract with Orange Marine, a French company specializing in cable laying and repair operations.This extension signifies a deepening of the collaboration between the two companies, which began in May 2023, and highlights their commitment to advancing fleet digitalization and operational efficiency across Orange Marineā€™s fleet.The partnership commenced with a three-month trial on one of Orange Marine's cable laying vessels (CLV)ā€¦

04 Jun 2024

KR and HD Hyundai to Pilot Cloud-Based Smart Ship Solution

Source: KR

KR has signed an MoU with HD Hyundai to collaborate on the pilot project of a cloud-based next-generation smart ship solution (ISS 2.0) developed by HD Hyundai. The MoU was signed at Posidonia 2024.The project, jointly undertaken by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI), HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE), HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS), Sinokor Merchant Marine, and KR, aims to equip and demonstrate smart ship solutions on vessels. KR plans to conduct technical reviews based on classification rules as well as domestic and international regulationsā€¦

04 Jun 2024

Tankerska Selects Digital Package from Metis and Kongsberg Digital

Source: Metis

A collaboration between Metis, Kongsberg Digital, and Tankerska plovidba has significantly advanced the Croatian ownerā€™s strategy of using real-time analytics to enhance fleet efficiency and reduce ship emissions.The 49,990dwt Tankerska ship Vukovar has been installed with an integrated Metis-Kongsberg package. The solution imports data acquired through Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digitalā€™s vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, into the advanced vessel and fleet performance analytics platform developed by Metis.Vessel Insight captures data from shipboard control systems and sensorsā€¦

04 Jun 2024

ABS Wavesight Updates Its 'My Digital Fleet' Software

Staci Satterwhite, ABS Wavesight CEO (Photo: Greg Trauthwein)

Maritime software company ABS Wavesight on Tuesday announced major updates to its My Digital Fleet software aimed at empowering maritime operators to optimize performance, improve energy efficiency and streamline compliance with decarbonization requirements.The ABS Affiliate maritime software-as-a-service (SaaS) company unveield the updates at the Posidonia trade fair in Athens."We are excited to unveil the latest My Digital Fleet software, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionizing vessel performance monitoring and compliance supportā€¦

02 Jun 2024

Seatrium and M1 Partner on 5G Connectivity

Source: Seatrium

Seatrium and M1 have jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate digital connectivity to aid yard operations.The partnership is an integral part of Seatriumā€™s Digital Strategy which aims to establish a Smart Yard equipped with future-proof ultra-high-speed connectivity that supports the Groupā€™s One Seatrium Delivery Model.This partnership aims to explore the potential of 5G connectivity in yards for digitalisation and integrated yard operations. By enhancing 5G within Seatriumā€™s yards in Singaporeā€¦

03 Jun 2024

Shipbuilding 4.0: Using Digital Twins to Enhance Efficiency

Ship and boat builders globally ā€“ from the largest to the smallest shipyards ā€“ can leverage new digital tools, including digital twins, to improve productivity and reduce costs. In this episode of Maritime  Matters: The MarineLink Podcast, we welcome a trio of executives from ABS, Fincantieri and Cadmatic to discuss in granular detail the best steps to start leveraging new technology in ship design and construction.

28 May 2024

Maritime and Mastering a Zero-Carbon World

Shipping companies can gain a business advantage by being proactive with digitalization of their fleets.
Image: Shutterstock

Managing risk to embrace enabling technologies can build resilience amid volatility, says OrbitMIEmbracing enabling technologies necessary to navigate greener seas can be a market differentiator for maritime leaders as adopting data-driven business processes can build resilience amid increasing volatility - but this also means managing innovation risk, according to OrbitMI CEO Ali Riaz.Shipping faces an increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment, with market volatility driven by evolving environmental and other regulationā€¦

15 May 2024

Inmarsat Report Promotes Collaborative Approach to Data Management

Source: Inmarsat

Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat company, has launched a new report Digital Wave: Transforming vessels into floating offices and remote homes.The report explores the growing importance of always-on onboard connectivity as ships and their crew become increasingly reliant on digital technology. Compiled by maritime technology research firm Thetius, the report draws on interviews and survey data to provide insight into how crews and shore-based teams are using digital technologies today.

14 May 2024

ClassNK, StormGeo Team on Maritime Decarbonization

ClassNK has partnered with StormGeo for seamless sharing and verification of emission data.The collaboration marks a ilestone for the companies, establishing the sharing and verification of emission data, to meet the requirements of their shared clients. Shipping companies that use StormGeoā€™s s-Insight platform will be able to share their validated emissions data to ClassNK MRV Portal* via API, for a seamless verification process.This process enables shipping companies to maximize their reporting accuracy and accelerate their decarbonization strategy, according to regulations.

14 May 2024

Marlink Expands Global Service Support Network

Image courtesy Marlink

Marlink is expanding its global service support network in strategic maritime locations in Houston, Bratislava, Athens, Dubai, Singapore and Tokyo, covering strategic business locations and supporting customers in close proximity. Instead of a centralized model, Marlink provides a local approach for customer support.Marlink is also strengthening its 2nd Level Maritime Network Operations (MNOC) by expanding its operations coverage in Bratislava to 24x7, bringing it into line with the 24x7 service provided by the MNOC at Eik teleportā€¦

02 May 2024

CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group Publishes New Position Paper

Ā© Alexander Limbach / Adobe Stock

The CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group has published a new Position Paper titled: On enabling the implementation of a ship-wide data ecosystem. CIMAC is a global non-profit association promoting the development of ship propulsion, train drive and power generationThe position paper aims to identify ways in which the potential of digitalization can be fully exploited for process optimization, develops a vision, and provides recommendations.ā€œThe full technical potential of highly integratedā€¦

25 Apr 2024

Seeing the Ship as a System Changes Everything

Image Courtesy ABB Marine and Ports

Shipping must engage with the decarbonization realities that lie ahead by changing the way it crafts maritime legislation to reflect its place in the interconnected, interdependent world economy, says Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs, ABB Marine & Ports.ABB Marine & Ports Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs, Eero Lehtovaara has carved out an unusual - and possibly unique - role in the maritime industry over recent years, as a ā€˜stakeholderā€™ simultaneously mindful of the perspectives of ownersā€¦

21 Apr 2024

Advanced Digitalization Discussed at Singapore Maritime Week

Source: MPA

The Maritime International Advisory Panel (IAP) held its third annual meeting on April 16, 2024, during the Singapore Maritime Week 2024. This year, the Maritime IAP held in-depth discussions on the key developments in the maritime sector, including decarbonization, green financing, digitalization and cybersecurity.Established in 2022 by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime IAP aims to seek international perspectives on key long-term trends and developments that will shape the maritime industry.

16 Apr 2024

ClassNK Endorses Three Solutions Developed by iO3

Source: ClassNK

ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsements for Products & Solutions to an internet payment facility V.Pay, an AI maritime camera surveillance solution V.Sight, and a wearable AR smart-glass solution V.Sion, developed by iO3.ClassNK has verified the functions of V.Pay: crew internet payment facility with user-friendly portal, flexible Wi-Fi plans, payment integration, real-time account management and simplified crew internet access.For V.Sight, ClassNK has reviewed: maritime camera surveillance with AI video analyticsā€¦

12 Apr 2024

Due Diligence Needed for Maritime Tech Adoption to Minimize Risk with Digital Transformation, Says OrbitMI

OrbitMI CEO Ali Riaz (Photo: OrbitMI)

Rapid technological change, complex regulation and competitive pressures are driving digital transformation in the shipping industry. But navigating a confusing software landscape can be difficult, and sound decision-making is essential to minimize innovation risk, according to OrbitMI.Industry spending has soared in recent years on intelligent process automation solutions geared to boosting efficiency, reducing costs, curbing emissions and improving safety for shipping companiesā€¦

09 Apr 2024

Accelleron and BEMAC Partner on Digital Solutions for Engines and Turbochargers

Source: Accelleron

Data gathering and transmission for Accelleronā€™s digital optimization solutions and service agreements will be automated under a new agreement signed by BEMAC and Accelleronā€™s Japanese joint venture company Turbo Systems United.The MaSSA-One platform has become a core part of BEMACā€™s portfolio of ship technologies alongside its power distribution and control systems. The advanced platform collects and stores a wide array of data, including from engines, cargo handling and navigation, and shares the data with shoreside services to provide ship support applications.

12 Feb 2024

Future Ships: Picture Perfect

(Image: Siemens)

Big data, advanced computers and AI are allowing vessel designers to prepare models that leave essentially nothing to chance.ā€œLastly, it may be of considerable importance to form from the draught a block model of the vessel from which a still more accurate judgment may be formed of the fitness and beauty of the body. And should any defect be discovered, farther alterations must still be made, till the draught and the model are perfectly approved of. These different alterations and repeated calculations may appear very tediousā€¦

29 Feb 2024

Germany Opens Remote-Controlled Center for Inland Shipping


SEAFAR, a Belgian technology and service provider for remote-controlled inland waterway shipping operations, has set up the first Remote Operations Center in Germany; a project completed in conjunction with HGK Shipping and Reederei Deymann.The Remote Operations Center, opened on February 28, 2024, enables captains to navigate vessels on inland waterways from dry land, a development seen as central to stemming problems from the shortage of specialist workers. The partners are working with the public authorities to use the permitsā€¦

01 Feb 2024

2024 a Milestone Year for Maritime Single Window

Source: IMO

2024 marks a milestone in the acceleration of digitalization in shipping that has been brought about by the mandatory requirements for a Maritime Single Window.The requirement under the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) requires governments to use a single digital platform or ā€œMaritime Single Windowā€ to share and exchange information with ships when they call at ports, from January 1, 2024. This streamlines procedures to clear the arrival, stay and departure of ships and greatly enhances the efficiency of shipping worldwideā€¦

02 Feb 2024

OSV Owners Reap the Rewards of Data Sharing

L to R: Greg Trauthwein, President, New Wave Media; Eric Griffin, Vice President, Offshore Energy & Fishing, Inmarsat; Maritime Ron Welles, C-Comm Manager, Marine Technologies; Kyle Pemberton, Manager of Engineering, SEACOR; Dain Detillier, Executive Vice President ā€“ LNG Operations, Harvey Gulf International Marine.Image courtesy Eric Haun.

A ā€˜Connected Futureā€™ seminar, organized by Inmarsat in collaboration with Maritime Reporter & Engineering News and moderated by Greg Trauthwein, encapsulated the critical roles technology and data sharing play in enabling more efficient and sustainable workboat operations, and in improving conditions for crew.Insights from leading Offshore Supply Vessel owners and operators capture the extent to which technology and data sharing are driving greater efficiency, sustainability andā€¦

05 Feb 2024

The Digital Revolution & US Shipbuilding


The competitive landscape in shipbuilding has changed dramatically, as ā€˜Industry 4.0ā€™ capabilities driven by the digital revolution have given the edge to those that scout and adopt solutions that deliver on the promise of increasing efficiency while cutting costs. Juan Prieto discusses the CADMATIC suite of solutions for North American shipyards seeking to capture the competitive edge.Digital technologies are evolving at breakneck speed, unlocking tremendous efficiency gains for shipbuilders.

09 Apr 2024

MariApps and Intership Navigation Sign Digital Partnership

Source: MariApps

MariApps Marine Solutions has signed an agreement to enhance the digitalization of Intership Navigation's fleet of 100 vessels.By utilizing MariAppsā€™ digital solutions suite, smartPAL, Intership hopes to offer its customers, ship owners and vendors state-of-the-art digital services.MariAppsā€™ technical professionals offer expertise in ship maintenance, voyage management, crew management, safety compliance, financial operations, and business intelligence. With smartPAL, the Intershipā€¦

09 Apr 2024

Groke Technologies Unveils Situation Awareness Tool for Fleet Managers

Source: Groke Technologies

Groke Technologies, the Finnish technology company behind the Groke Pro Situational Awareness System, has introduced a new solution designed to give ship managers shoreside an unparalleled view of the surrounding area of all the vessels in their fleet.Groke Fleet gives ship management teams more detailed information on which to better evaluate, enhance and control the navigational safety and efficiency of their vessels.Unlike traditional fleet awareness solutions, which tend to be based only on periodically updated AIS dataā€¦