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Monday, July 22, 2024

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04 Jun 2024

Dutch Subsea Services Newcomer Acquires First Vessel

Navicula Star (Credit: FreeStar Subsea Services)

FreeStar Subsea Services, a Netherlands-based company established by the merger of Vriezoo ROV Services and Mark Offshore, has acquired its first vessel and started operations.The company offers remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and survey support services with its own vessel, the SSV Navicula Star, which was recently acquired the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).While most mid-sized subsea companies specialize in either vessel or ROV services, FreeStar’s owners…

20 Mar 2024

Reach Subsea Extends Olympic Taurus Charter and Orders Two ROVs

Olympic Taurus vessel (Credit: Olympic Subsea)

Norwegian company Reach Subsea has extended the charter for the Olympic Taurus subsea vessel and ordered two new Constructor-type remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from Kystdesign.Back in February, Reach Subsea announced a 100-day project charter for the subsea vessel Olympic Taurus, with extension options for 2+1+1 years.The company has now extended the charter for an additional two years and retain options for another 1+1 years."With a solid backlog and substantial tender pipeline for the coming periods…

10 Nov 2023

Reach Subsea Partners with Agalas for New IMR/Survey Vessel

Credit: Reach Subsea

Reach Subsea, a Norwegian subsea services company, has signed a long-term charter contract with Agalas for a modern IMR/Survey vessel to be built in Turkey.According to Reach Subsea, to be hired on three or five-year charter, will has a low emission, smart lifting arrangement and a state of the art equipment package that can be adapted to several market segments, with delivery early 2026.Reach Subsea CEO Jostein Alendal said:"The market for subsea vessels is expected to remain tight for the foreseeable future…

28 Jul 2023

Wreck of Ancient Roman Cargo Ship Found off the Coast near Rome

Credit; cineberg/AdobeStock

The wreck of an ancient Roman cargo ship from more than 2,000 years ago has been found off the coast near Rome, the arts squad of Italy's Carabinieri police said on Friday. The ship was located off the port of Civitavecchia, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north-west of the Italian capital, on a sandy seabed at a depth of about 160 meters (525 ft), a statement said. The vessel, estimated to be more than 20 meters long and dating from the 1st or 2nd century BC, was carrying hundreds of amphorae -- a type of ancient Roman jar -- that were mostly found intact.

14 Jul 2023

Shearwater in 'Pioneering' Seismic Survey Project Offshore Norway


Offshore seismic survey specialist Shearwater on Friday announced a new project with the Austrian oil firm OMV for a "pioneering" towed streamer survey with Ocean Bottom Nodes over the Berling gas and condensate discovery in the Norwegian Sea. Spanning 1040, this hybrid survey starts in July 2023 and will last for three months. Shearwater's vessels, SW Tasman and Oceanic Vega, will lead the operations. SW Tasman will operate as an ROV node deployment vessel for first time…

22 Mar 2023

DeepOcean's Fleet Gets a Boost with Olympic Ares Vessel Charter

Subsea services firm DeepOcean has taken the Olympic Ares multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) on a two-year charter. The vessel is owned by the Norwegian shipowner Olympic Subsea.The vessel is a modern construction support vessel equipped with a 250 Te crane. It will provide subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR), light construction, and recycling services to DeepOcean’s clients in the offshore renewables and oil and gas industries.Øyvind Mikaelsen, CEO of DeepOcean…

21 Mar 2023

Philippines Finds Sunken Fuel Tanker 3 Weeks after Spill

Credit: The Philippines Coast Guard

A leaking fuel tanker that sank off the central Philippines three weeks ago has been found using an underwater robot from Japan, a provincial governor said on Tuesday, as authorities sought more foreign help to address the oil spill.The discovery of MT Princess Empress, which was carrying about 800,000 liters (211,338 gallons) of industrial fuel oil when it capsized on Feb. 28 and eventually sank, was deemed crucial in stopping the spill, which reached shorelines in three provinces.

16 Mar 2023

Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle: Norwegian Yard Completes Two Retrofit Projects for Brazilian Offshore Vessel Owner

©Green Yard Kleven

Norway's Green Yard Kleven has completed and delivered two retrofit projects for the Brazilian shipowner Oceanica. Oceanicasub Vlll and Oceanicasub lX have been rebuilt from offshore supply vessels to advanced offshore vessels for ROV- and crane operations."Both rebuilding projects were largely based on reused equipment and focused on sustainability at the request of the shipowner, which is very relevant to our activity. Our experience from both new buildings, retrofit, and recycling of ships came in handy in the projects…

10 Mar 2023

Ross Offshore Charters Fishing Vessel for Offshore Survey Work

©Teige Gruppen

Norwegian offshore energy industry services firm Ross Offshore has agreed to charter Teige Gruppen's Sunny Lady fishing vessel for future offshore activities.The initial agreement is for the charter for the summer of 2023, but the parties envision long-term cooperation, too.Ross Offshore will use the vessel for seabed surveys. The vessel will be equipped with an observation ROV and be able to perform mapping- and environmental surveys."The first project starts in May, and we anticipate a large demand going forward…

06 Mar 2023

Philippines to Deploy Subsea ROV to Pinpoint Location of Stricken Tanker

Illustration only ©Victor Ivin/AdobeStock

Philippine authorities believe they have found the location of a tanker that sank off a central province last week, the environment ministry said on Monday, amid a race to assess the extent of an oil spill and contain further environmental damage.The tanker, the MT Princess Empress, is thought to be lying at about 1,200 feet (366 meters) below sea level, off Oriental Mindoro province, though the information still needed to be verified, the ministry said in a statement.A remotely operated vehicle would be deployed to help determine the exact location of the tanker…

01 Mar 2023

Discovery: Historic Shipwreck Found in Lake Huron

Image of the schooner-barge Ironton as it sits on the lake floor today. This image is a point cloud extracted from water column returns from multibeam sonar. Image Credit: Ocean Exploration Trust/NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Researchers from NOAA, the state of Michigan, and Ocean Exploration Trust discovered an intact shipwreck resting hundreds of feet below the surface of Lake Huron. Located within NOAA's Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the shipwreck has been identified as the sailing ship Ironton. Well preserved by the cold freshwater of the Great Lakes for over a century, the 191-ft. Ironton rests upright with its three masts still standing."Using this cutting-edge technology, we have not only located a pristine shipwreck lost for over a century…

08 Feb 2023

Reach Subsea Nets North Sea Decom Gig

Oslo-listed subsea services provider Reach Subsea said Wednesday it had won a decommissioning contract in the North Sea. The contract is with an undisclosed client, and represents around 40 project days for execution in Q1 2023. Reach Subsea will use the Olympic Delta vessel for the project. Financial details were not disclosed.Olympic Delta is a subsea vessel equipped for light IMR and survey work for both the oil and gas and renewables sectors.Reach Subsea has an existing cooperation with Olympic Subsea for Olympic Delta, and the parties have agreed to extend the cooperation for the whole of 2023. Currently, the extended cooperation comprises an additional 150 days of firm work for the two ROVs currently mobilized on the vessel.

24 Nov 2022

Reach Subsea to Add Two ROV Support Vessels to Its Fleet

Edda Sun - Credit: Reach Subsea

Norwegian subsea services company Reach Subsea said Thursday it had struck a deal to expand its operating fleet with two ROV support vessels.The company said it had secured "significant vessel capacity for the coming four years" through a deal to buy the multipurpose ROV support vessel Edda Sun for $29 million and through a charter contract for the multipurpose ROV support vessel Go Electra with a duration, including options, through 2027."With the favorable terms on the two new vessels…

10 Oct 2022

MMA Offshore to Support Beach Energy Operations in Bass Strait, Australia

Australian offshore vessel owner MMA Offshore has secured a vessel contract with the oil and gas company Beach Energy.The MMA Coral will provide vessel support to Beach Energy’s two production platforms located in the Bass Strait, offshore Australia. The vessel will also provide subsea inspection and survey services and will support planned drilling operations.Starting in late November 2022, the contract is for a firm period of one year with an additional one-year option. The vessel will also be marketed to the broader region for ad hoc work scopes in addition to Beach Energy’s operations…

04 Oct 2022

Shearwater to Introduce Deepwater Dual-ROV OBN Deployment Vessel

Credit: Shearwater GeoServices

Marine seismic survey services specialist Shearwater GeoServices is set to introduce its first dual ROV seismic vessel, which the company says will be equipped with a broad scope of operational capabilities. "Designed to deploy ocean bottom nodes in both deep and shallow water, the vessel will also be able to provide high-quality source for surveys and conduct towed streamer surveys," Shearwater said.The dual ROV vessel, under Shearwater ownership and management, is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2023 following a conversion of the SW Tasman multipurpose vessel.

30 Sep 2022

DOF Subsea Nets U.S. Gulf of Mexico Work

Subsea services company DOF Subsea said Friday it had won multiple contracts in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The company has received a contract award for the provision of services to "a major operator" in the Gulf of Mexico, starting in the fourth quarter of 2022.

23 Aug 2022

Helix, Volstad Agree Long Term Charters for Construction Support Vessel Duo

Helix Robotics Solutions Limited, the U.K. Robotics division of Helix Energy Solutions Group, and the Norwegian shipowner Volstad Maritime have agreed on five-year charter extensions for both the Grand Canyon II and Grand Canyon III construction support vessels to continue working on projects across multiple energy sectors.The two vessels have been under long-term charter with Helix since 2015 and 2016, respectively. The extended charter for the Grand Canyon II runs from January 2023 through the end of 2027, while the extended charter for the Grand Canyon III runs from May 2023 through May 2028, with a further option to extend. Financial details were not disclosed.

11 Jul 2022

Rovco Charters VOS Star

Credit: Rovco

ROV services firm Rovco has chartered the VOS Star vessel from owners to support the delivery of its offshore wind farm projects. The 68m long DP2 multi-purpose support vessel will support Rovco’s increasing number of secured offshore wind campaigns throughout 2022, including the provision of hydrographic survey solutions on operational offshore wind farms in UK and Dutch waters.On the vessel, Rovco will mobilize a dedicated and experienced offshore team, to operate its Seaeye Leopard Work Class ROV systems…

16 May 2022

DOF Wins $260M in AHTS, ROV Deals with Petrobras in Brazil

Oslo-listed offshore vessel operator DOF has, through its Brazilian subsidiaries, won new long-term charter and service contracts with Petrobras for four AHTS vessels and ROVs. The vessels, Skandi Angra, Skandi Paraty, Skandi Urca, and Skandi Fluminense, (AHTS 18000 class), currently operating for Petrobras and equipped with DOF Subsea's work class ROVs, have been contracted for 3 years firm + 2 years options with Petrobras. The gross value of the contracts is around $260 million and with a planned start-up in the fourth quarter of 2022. The contracts have been awarded to DOF's subsidiaries Norskan Offshore Ltda. and DOF Subsea Serviços Brasil Ltda.

25 Feb 2022

Seatools Delivers Deep-sea mineral Collection Equipment for Allseas' 'Hidden Gem'

Seatools polymetallic nodule collector delivery to Hidden Gem ©Seatools

Subsea technology company Seatools has delivered deep-sea mineral collection equipment for Allseas' Hidden Gem seabed mining ship.Seatools was responsible for the engineering, manufacturing, and qualification of the electronics, instrumentation, and hydraulics for Allseas’ pilot polymetallic nodule collection vehicle. The vehicle will be part of a pilot nodule collection test conducted by Allseas, which is scheduled to take place in 2022 in the Pacific Ocean.Allseas developed…

05 Aug 2021

BV Completes Full Remote In-water Hull Survey via ROV

The first full in-water ship's hull survey with a mini ROV on Brittany Ferries' ship Bretagne. Photo courtesy BV

Bureau Veritas (BV) and MaDfly – Marine Drone Services – report the completion of a full in-water ship’s hull survey via mini ROV on Brittany Ferries’ ship Bretagne.The survey was supervised by BV on behalf of the French Flag to validate the integrity of the entire ship’s hull’s bottom. According to BV this inspection was the first of its kind, with the test survey performed twice. A remotely operated drone performed an in-water survey with a BV surveyor onboard the vessel. In parallel…

02 Sep 2021

DOF's Skandi Achiever DSV to Stay with Petrobras Until 4Q 2022

Norwegian offshore vessel operator DOF Subsea has won more work in Brazil with Petrobras.After a recent three-year contract secured for a pipelay support vessel duo co-owned with TechnipFMC, DOF Subsea said Thursday it had secured a contract extension with Petrobras for the diving support vessel Skandi Achiever.The extension will see the Skandi Achiever stay with Petrobras until the fourth quarter of 2022, providing ROV and diving services until the fourth quarter of 2022. DOF did not share the financial details.Built in 2007, the Skandi Achiever is 105.9 meters long and can accommodate 100 persons, and features an 18 men saturated diving system.The vessel has a 4.2 x 4.2-meter moonpool, and an ROV hangar of 137 square meters.TechnipFMC Says Vessel Contract with Petrobras 'Significant'

21 Sep 2021

Zelim, Chartwell Building Remotely Operated Offshore Rescue Vessel

Credit: Zelim

Zelim, a company previously known as Offshore Survival Systems, has teamed up with naval architect Chartwell Marine to deliver a remotely operated rescue vessel designed to be mounted on offshore facilities."Offshore energy sites present a hazardous environment for personnel and vessel crews, where there is always a risk of man overboard (MOB) incidents. However, traditional approaches to search and recovery are unsuitable for many offshore facilities. In an environment where every second counts…