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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Alternative Fuels News

21 Apr 2024

Advanced Digitalization Discussed at Singapore Maritime Week

Source: MPA

The Maritime International Advisory Panel (IAP) held its third annual meeting on April 16, 2024, during the Singapore Maritime Week 2024. This year, the Maritime IAP held in-depth discussions on the key developments in the maritime sector, including decarbonization, green financing, digitalization and cybersecurity.Established in 2022 by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime IAP aims to seek international perspectives on key long-term trends and developments that will shape the maritime industry.

18 Apr 2024

Methanol Institute and SEA-LNG Unite Against EU Trade Barriers

© M. Johannsen / Adobe Stock

The Methanol Institute (MI) and SEA-LNG, key representatives of the methanol and LNG industries respectively, have expressed their deep concerns following the recent announcement by the European Commission impacting the trade of biomethane and biomethane-based biofuels such as biomethanol.The Commission has noted the intention to exclude the automatic certification of biomethane and biomethanol-based fuels produced through mass balance chain of custody in third-party countries outside the EU gas grids within the Union Database (UDB)…

18 Apr 2024

H2 Energy and DFDS Publish Hydrogen Propulsion Feasibility Study

Source: DFDS

Over the past year, H2 Energy and DFDS have worked together on a project to analyze the feasibility of retrofitting large ferries with a hydrogen propulsion system.The project, supported by the Danish Maritime Fund, has led to the publication of a hydrogen propulsion feasibility study.With support from the Danish Maritime Fund, DFDS, H2 Energy and Lloyds set out to uncover the technical and operational feasibility of hydrogen propulsion systems by analyzing the main aspects of…

10 Apr 2024

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Receives Order for Ammonia Fuel Supply System

Source: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has received an order from Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) for an ammonia fuel supply system and ammonia gas abatement system.The fuel supply system will supply ammonia fuel to ammonia-powered marine engines developed by J-ENG, and the abatement system will safely treat any surplus ammonia. Both are remotely controlled automatically by an integrated control system. Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will deliver the modules to J-ENG in 2025.Going forward…

10 Apr 2024

HMD's Ammonia-powered LPG Carrier Designs Earn DNV Approval

From left: Sung Hyuck Im (HMD), Kwang Seok Oh (HMD), Sung Ho Shin (DNV), Dong Jin Lee (HMD), Chul Young Kang (DNV), Choon Gyu Lim (HMD) (Photo: DNV)

DNV has awarded HD Hyundai Mipo Dockyard an approval in principle (AIP) for the design of ammonia dual fuel 45,000 m3 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers.The presentation took place at the HD Hyundai Global R&D Center (GRC) in Seongnam, Korea. HD Hyundai Mipo (HMD), who have developed the basic ship design, provided detailed engine specifications and operational data from global engine maker, WinGD, and reviewed the safety and suitability of the design with DNV. The designs are based around a new 10…

03 Apr 2024

HMM Signs Clean Fuel MoU with Shanghai International Port Group

Source: HMM

HMM has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) on the supply of methanol and LNG at Shanghai Port.HMM has committed to achieving net-zero emissions target for the entire business by 2050.HMM is also working on eco supply chain networks at Singapore and Busan. HMM also signed new building contracts for nine 9,000TEU vessels powered by methanol, and plans to operate two 7,700TEU LNG-powered vessels by the end of this year.Since 2022, SIPG has provided bonded LNG bunkering services for many shipping companies worldwide.

03 Apr 2024

Wärtsilä to Deliver Its First Ammonia Ship Engine in Early 2025

(File image: Wärtsilä)

Ship engine manufacturer Wärtsilä expects to deliver its first ammonia-fueled engine on a new vessel in early 2025, with more widespread sales expected in the 2030s, a company executive told Reuters.Ammonia is among several alternative fuels that shippers are exploring to reduce carbon emissions.The company launched its first ammonia four-stroke engine for orders in the fourth quarter last year, with the first such engine to be delivered early next year on a vessel, Roger Holm‚Ķ

02 Apr 2024

RINA Nods Yes for Kindon's Green Methanol Offshore Production Platform

(Credit: RINA)

Italian classification and marine engineering consultancy RINA has issued an approval in principle (AiP) to Kindon New Energy Technology for its green methanol offshore production platform solution.Produced entirely offshore, the methanol is derived from renewable CO2 through DAC (Direct Air Capture) technology and green hydrogen from offshore wind power water electrolysis technology.The platform will produce 0.1 MTPA of green methanol via process that synthesizes methanol from…

26 Mar 2024

Shipping Industry Faces Fuel Dilemma in Bid to Cut Emissions

© Yellow Boat / Adobe Stock

The shipping industry is under increasing pressure to decarbonize, but unclear regulatory guidelines, including around what sorts of cleaner fuels large vessels should run, is complicating that path to net zero, according to executives.Global shipping firms are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprints, particularly as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which regulates the global shipping industry, is being pushed to implement a charge on the sector's greenhouse gas emissions.The IMO's Maritime Environment Protection Committee concluded its 81st meeting last week…

25 Mar 2024

Norway Approves Ammonia Bunkering Terminal

YCA Azane and Fjord Base Bunkering Barge copy. Image couresty Yara Clean Ammonia and Azane

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection gave their approval to the construction of the planned ammonia bunkering facility at Fjord Base in Florø, Norway.The planned terminal consists of a floating stationary barge with a capacity of 1,000 cu. m. (650 tons) of ammonia. The permit allows for up to 416 operations annually, many of these expected to be bunkering operations for offshore supply vessels that regularly call at Fjord Base in Florø.The planned terminal is part of Yara Clean Ammonia and Azane‚Äôs efforts to make low-emission ammonia a common fuel for shipping.

25 Mar 2024

Fugro Pioneer Converts to Green Methanol

Fugro Pioneer is undergoing conversion to enable it to run on methanol. Image courtesy Fugro

Fugro Pioneer is ready to be equipped with methanol engines after successfully converting the main components on board, the company reports, a plank in its path to reach Net-Zero operations by 2035.The geophysical vessel was converted in the Netherlands as part of the Fugro-led consortium MENENS (Methanol as Energy Step Towards Emission-free Dutch Shipping) with a grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).The vessel adjustments to the Fugro Pioneer allow two of its four original engines to be replaced by methanol engines‚Ķ

22 Mar 2024

Itochu, U-Ming Mull Ammonia-Fueled Ships

© vchalup / Adobe Stock

Japanese trading house Itochu Corp will study joint ownership and operation of ammonia-fueled ships with Taiwan's U-Ming Marine Transport Corp, Itochu said in a statement, as Japan is bets on ammonia to cut emissions.The shipping industry transports about 90% of world trade, and accounts for nearly 3% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions; and installing ship engines that burn cleaner fuels could help slow global warming trends.The IMO has set a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by around 2050…

21 Mar 2024

Study Demonstrates Need for New Fire Safety Rules for Methanol-Fueled Ships

Source: Survitec

A new fire safety study by survival technology solutions provider Survitec finds that existing fire-fighting methods used to extinguish machinery space spray and pool fires on conventionally fueled vessels are inadequate when dealing with methanol-based fires.This follows extensive comparative fire tests on dual-fuel marine engines using diesel oil and methanol.“Our tests confirm that traditional water mist fire suppression mechanisms do not perform as expected on methanol pool fires and methanol spray fires.

21 Mar 2024

Report: Sustainable Shipping Fuels Can Reach Cost Parity by 2035

Source: Wärtsilä

Sustainable shipping fuels could reach cost parity with fossil fuels as early as 2035 with the help of decisive emissions policy such as carbon taxes and emissions limits, according to a new report launched by Wärtsilä.The report, titled ‚ÄėSustainable fuels for shipping by 2050 ‚Äď the 3 key elements of success‚Äô, states that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and FuelEU Maritime Initiative will see the cost of using fossil fuels more than double by 2030. By 2035, they will close the price gap between fossil fuels and sustainable fuels for the very first time.Existing decarbonisation solutions‚Ķ

18 Mar 2024

Liquid Hydrogen SOV Concept Unveiled

(Image: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs)

Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) has unveiled a concept for a first-of-its kind service operations vessel (SOV) that runs on liquid hydrogen.The French-headquartered company said it has been working alongside Norwegian naval architecture firm Salt Ship Design as well as main equipment suppliers, fuel providers, class and flag authorities, and others to produce the concept‚ÄĒwith support from the European Commission.The groundbreaking SOV, currently in the concept design phase, would be able to operate 95% of the time with zero carbon emissions, only releasing water during standard operations.

22 Mar 2024

Fortescue Conducts World's First Ammonia Bunker Trial in Singapore

Source: MPA

Fortescue has conducted the world's first ammonia marine bunker operation in the port of Singapore, the city-state's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) and the Australian mining company said on Friday.The Singapore-flagged Fortescue Green Pioneer was loaded with liquid ammonia from an existing facility at Jurong Island's Vopak Banyan Terminal for the trial, Fortescue and MPA said in a joint statement.The vessel is dual-fuelled and can adopt ammonia for bunkering in combination with diesel.

12 Mar 2024

Irish Ship Fuel Initiative Gets Underway

Source: GDG

MaREI, the SFI Research Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, and renewable energy consultants Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG) have announced the inception of the 'ShipFuel' research project.The initiative is set to position Ireland at the helm of maritime sustainability by developing a clear path to support the transformation of the shipping sector's reliance on traditional fuels to low-carbon alternatives.The research is funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

12 Mar 2024

Updated Framework Released for Comparing Decarbonization Technologies

© Mariusz / Adobe Stock

The Maritime Technologies Forum (MTF) has released an updated Framework for Assessing Decarbonization Technologies and Alternative Energy Carriers and a comprehensive assessment on the maturity and readiness of alternative fuel options, expanding the number of evaluated fuels covered since the previous heatmap report issued in November 2022.The assessment applied MTF‚Äôs recently updated framework to an expanded set of eight fuels, including fossil LNG, fossil MGO combined with carbon capture and storage (CCS)‚Ķ

11 Mar 2024

OpEd: Focusing on Green Fuels Takes the Focus Off Shipping's Major Problems

Morten Brandborg, CEO of Green Instruments (Credit: Green Instruments)

Shipyard order books show that more and more ships are being built that can run on methanol or liquified natural gas (LNG). Major shipping companies are investing in green fuels for their fleets, and researchers around the world are working intensely to find new solutions that can make the shipping industry greener.This is all good news that strengthens the belief that shipping is reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases, among others. While there is reason for some optimism, as shipping is becoming more sustainable, there is no doubt that we are still very far from the goal.

07 Mar 2024

Adapted ME-GI Gas Engine Runs on Hydrogen

(Image: MAN Energy Solutions)

MAN Energy Solutions’ licensee, MITSUI E&S Co. Ltd., has announced that it has successfully tested a 50-bore MAN B&W two-stroke engine up to 100% load at its Tamano facility while running on hydrogen, a world-first for the maritime industry.In collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions, MITSUI converted one of the four cylinders of an MAN B&W ME-GI (-Gas Injection) engine to hydrogen operation. The hydrogen was supplied from a hydrogen gas-supply system that MITSUI developed in 2023.Stable operation was achieved at various loads and operating conditions…

04 Mar 2024

MAN to Offer Ammonia-Fuelled Ship Engines After 2027

Source: MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions plans to deliver later this year its first-ever engine fuelled by ammonia for installation on a new vessel in Japan and will be ready to offer ammonia-powered engines to its clients after 2027, its chief executive said.Ammonia is among several alternative fuels that shippers are exploring to reduce emissions. The shipping industry transports around 90% of world trade, but accounts for nearly 3% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, and installing engines…

27 Feb 2024

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orders Four More Dual-Fuel Carrier Vessels

(Credit: Wallenius Wilhelmsen)

Wallenius Wilhelmsen, the world’s largest RoRo vessel operator, has declared options to build four additional next-generation Shaper Class pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) vessels. The 9,300 CEU methanol dual fuel vessels can utilize alternative fuel sources, such as methanol, upon delivery.They will also be ammonia-ready and able to be converted as soon as ammonia becomes available in a safe and secure way.These next generation vessels will play a key role in the introduction…

27 Feb 2024

New Fuel Supply System Set to Ease Ammonia Adoption by Shipping Industry

(Credit: Wärtsilä Gas Solutions)

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions, part of technology group Wärtsilä, has introduced a new ammonia fuel supply system (AFSS) for ships able to operate with ammonia fuel.The system is available for both liquid and gaseous fuel, enabling the use of ammonia as a marine fuel, according to Wärtsilä.In line with shipping‚Äôs transition to decarbonized fuels, ammonia is widely seen as one of the most promising new fuel candidates. It offers a huge reduction in CO2 emissions, almost zero sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions‚Ķ