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Monday, July 22, 2024

Artificial Intelligence News

18 Jul 2024

CMA CGM, Google Partner to Deploy AI Across Shipping and Logistics

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CMA CGM and Google announced a  partnership to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across CMA CGM's operations globally.“By combining CMA CGM’s deep expertise in shipping and logistics with Google's AI tools and secure infrastructure we can help CMA CGM digitally transform its own operations and those of its customers," said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet. "This partnership is a prime example of how AI can assist employees, improve outcomes for customers…

15 Jul 2024

Windward Launches Generative AI Solution

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Maritime AI company Windward has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ISV Accelerate Program and has collaborated with AWS to launch a generative AI solution. The solution leverages Amazon Bedrock to improve risk management for the shipping, logistics and public sectors.Windward’s collaboration with AWS aims to address the growing challenges faced by these industries, particularly in managing unstructured data, maintaining consistent workflows, and mitigating expertise shortages.To build the new solution…

25 Jun 2024

Tip #60 - AI & Maritime Trainers ... "Watch Your Back ... " [Part II]

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Training Tips for Ships [#60]Last month’s Training Tips for Ships discussed the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the future of maritime training. My thoughts on this were triggered by the recent headline in the Financial Times: “Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2bn and sets sights on AI start-ups“. Andreessen Horowitz is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture capital firms and they are seeing fit to deeply invest in the burgeoning AI revolution. Typically, this means change is upon us on a timescale that is now very meaningful to us.

18 Jun 2024

US Harbor Craft: Measuring Opportunity for Zero Emissions

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There are more than 4,000 harbor craft vessels in the U.S. deemed highly suited for zero-emissions operations, according to a recent report produced by CALSTART in partnership with Intelatus Global Partners.The report - “Sizing the U.S. and California Harbor Craft Market” - looked at the U.S. commercial harbor craft and inland and nearshore vessels above 600 kilowatts (kW) or 805 brake horsepower. Approximately 10,000 vessels were counted in total, including crew and supply boats…

03 Jun 2024

Stena Line Using AI for Voyage Optimization

Source: Stena Line

Stena Line has reported a significant reduction in fuel consumption thanks to its strategic use of AI.Through its Voyage Optimization System, optimization of vessel functions can now be done much more efficiently, and this has resulted in a 1-5% reduction in fuel consumption.The system has been tested on crossings between Gothenburg and the Danish port of Frederikshavn, among others. The use of AI helps to optimize vessel operations by accurately analyzing a number of factors that affect the vessel's voyage…

09 May 2024

Tip #59 – AI to Maritime Trainers: "Watch Your Back …"

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Last week’s headline in the Financial Times was startling to me: “Andreessen Horowitz raises $7.2bn and sets sights on AI start-ups“. Oh boy. Andreessen Horowitz is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture capital firms with an eye for investing in the next generation of tech companies that will change our lives. Their new fund tells us that the people who know the science of AI now believe it is poised to make an outsized global impact. AI is no longer a “tomorrow” thing. It is a “today” thing.

07 May 2024

Adversarial Seas: AI and the Evolving Cyber Threat in Maritime

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The maritime transportation system, the lifeblood of global trade, is undergoing a digital revolution. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how ships operate and cargo moves. However, this increased reliance on technology creates a double-edged sword: while AI offers powerful tools for cybersecurity, it also presents new vulnerabilities to exploit. This article explores the growing threat of adversarial AI (AAI) in maritime cyber security and how the industry…

16 Apr 2024

SMM 2024 Exhibition Halls Already Nearly Fully Booked

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The SMM 2024 trade show will run from September 3-6 this year, and organizers are expecting more visitors and exhibitors than last time; the exhibition halls are nearly fully booked.“We are expecting more than 2,000 international exhibitors from 70 nations,” says Claus Ulrich Selbach, Business Unit Director Maritime and Technology Fairs & Exhibitions at Hamburg Messe und Congress. “We are overwhelmed by the response. We are actually setting-up an additional hall to accommodate all requests.

18 Mar 2024

Siemens and NVIDIA to Build Industrial Metaverse

Source: NVIDIA

Siemens is bringing immersive visualization powered by new NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs to the Siemens Xcelerator platform, driving increased use of AI-driven digital twin technology and creating an industrial metaverse.“We will revolutionize how products and experiences are designed, manufactured and serviced. On the path to the industrial metaverse, this next generation of industrial software enables customers to experience products as they would in the real world: in context…

06 Mar 2024

Posidonia 2024 Exhibitors Anticipate Paradigm Shift as AI Gains Traction

Source: Posidonia Exhibitions

The maritime industry, often viewed as conservative and measured in its approach to technological integration, is on the cusp of a transformative era with artificial intelligence (AI) emerging as a prominent player. Insights from key exhibitors at the upcoming Posidonia Shipping Εxhibition reveal a new landscape, where industry leaders strategically align with the inexorable rise of AI and consider adopting it already.According to Theodore Vokos, Managing Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A.…

21 Feb 2024

Maritime AI Company to Support INTERPOL

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Maritime AI company Windward has announced a partnership with INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization, to assist in their mission of facilitating a secure maritime environment.Windward’s Maritime AI will provide intelligence to help identify, track, and prevent criminal activities such as illicit trafficking, human smuggling, piracy and illegal fishing.The lack of actionable visibility in the maritime domain emboldens criminals, negatively impacts global trade…

17 Jan 2024

OPINON: Tackling the Houthi Drone Threat with AI

OrcaAI CTO Dor Raviv. Photo: OrcaAI

Houthi rebel drone attacks on vessels traversing the Red Sea and Suez Canal route, accounting for 10% of global trade, have exposed the shortcomings of current ship alert systems.The unpredictability and increased frequency of these attacks have created a challenging security environment for ships passing the area via the Bab el Mandeb strait, posing a substantial risk to seafarers and maritime trade by endangering the safety of the crew and cargo.Initially focused on Israel-related ships in solidarity with Hamas…

17 Dec 2023

Emissions-Focused AI Project Secures Funding

Source: Navtor

A project, GASS, led by Navtor, with six other Norwegian research, innovation and industry partners, has been awarded 44 million Norwegian kroner to develop new commercial AI-enhanced technology and services to optimize the energy usage of vessels and ships.Navtor, Grieg Star, Maritime CleanTech, Scandinavian Reach Technologies, Simula Research Laboratory, SinOceanic Shipping and Sustainable Energy are partnering on the project which will enable vessel owners and operators to…

01 Nov 2023

Maritime Safety Finds a Future in the Cloud

Image courtesy Orca AI

Orca AI, headquartered in Israel and founded in 2018, has a simple yet complex premise: develop and deliver an intelligent safety platform for the maritime industry to prevent collisions. To date it has attracted attention and business globally, working with SeaSpan, NYK, MSC, Shell Shipping and Marubeni amongst others. Maritime Reporter TV recently caught up Orca AI CEO and co-founder Yarden Gross for insights on the reality today, and the promising potential for AI in the maritime sector.Yarden…

18 Sep 2023

Using AI To Advance Engineering Analysis: Not More Data, More Physics

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The goal of engineering analysis is to use models of the real world to simulate and predict the performance of a design with confidence, explore design modifications, and inform downstream stakeholders—the owners, builders, operators, and passengers—with knowledge that the design works as intended before it is built. To do so, we need models that characterize the physical world. That is easier said than done, but it underpins much of what we do as engineers. This is precisely…

30 Aug 2023

Insights: Maritime and an Honest Discussion About AI

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The maritime industry is often criticized as being slow to adopt new technologies. While ship building is an age-old industry, it is also varied: fishing, commercial, inland, marine construction, energy, passenger, recreation, defense, and the list goes on. Each sector serves a different purpose, and bespoke vessels fulfill different missions, operate in different environments, and are subject to different regulatory profiles. As a result, our industry abounds with unique solutions…

30 Aug 2023

ChatGPT & Maritime Training: Steps to Harness the Power

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By now we have all heard about ChatGPT, an example of a “Large Language Model” technology which is remarkable in its ability to generate human-like responses to questions we ask of it. But is ChatGPT primarily a novelty, or can it provide real value in terms of its ability to create content? In my personal experience with ChatGPT, the answer is far closer to the latter than the former - but with some caveats. In this edition of Training Tips for Ships, we'll explore the steps required to harness the power of ChatGPT to generate engaging and effective maritime training materials.

05 Jul 2023

AI-Based Semi-Autonomous Voyage Planning System Tested

Source: Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine Technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) application developers Molflow, Chalmers University of Technology and social science specialists from Halmstad University and Gothenburg University have collaborated over three years to develop and trial an AI-based semi-autonomous voyage planning system.Initiated in August 2020, the Via Kaizen project explores how AI and machine learning can enable more energy-efficient voyage planning for ship operators. The project demonstrated…

22 Jun 2023

ABS and Texas A&M University Partner on Fuel and AI Research

Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, with Dr. Arul Jayaraman, Executive Associate Dean of the Texas A&M College of Engineering (Source: ABS)

ABS and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) have signed a research agreement to investigated ammonia as fuel, ship electrification, carbon capture and sequestration, trusted artificial intelligence (AI), and safety of industrial wearable visualization technologies, among other topics.The research agreement is part of the continuing collaboration between ABS and Texas A&M which includes a recent endowment establishing the ABS Ocean Engineering Department Chair. The…

26 Apr 2023

Time to Review AI, Says LR

Source: LR

A new report from Lloyd’s Register (LR) and maritime innovation consultancy Thetius advocates investment to improve the understanding of AI at all levels within maritime organisations.With digital solutions presenting challenges due to rapidly evolving technologies, such as AI-driven autonomous systems onboard modern vessels, the report calls for clarity around normal and emergency use cases, pointing to the need for traditional assurance measures to become increasingly integrated.The report…

27 Mar 2023

Samsung Introduces Shipyard Chatbot

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Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has introduced a chatbot dubbed SBOT for its ship designers as part of plans to boost the shipyard’s competitiveness.When a user asks SBOT a question, its artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes the meaning and finds design information, such as details on regulations and contracts, that is available from various systems within the company. New employees can perform their work quickly and accurately with SBOT, says SHI, and the use of design information can be maximized through the knowledge search function.In addition…

31 Jan 2023

Greensea Launches OPENSEA Edge

Image courtesy Greensea

Designed for military use but now available commercially, OPENSEA Edge is designed to be a modular edge computing module with perception support for autonomous underwater robots based on Greensea’s OPENSEA open architecture software platform, advancing ocean robotics into the next generation.Greensea launched its latest product which the company says promises to bring true autonomy to ocean robotics.Based on Greensea’s open architecture platform OPENSEA, OPENSEA Edge offers the next level of operator capability.

15 Sep 2022

How AI Will Boost Sustainability at the Port of Tanjung Pelepas

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The Malaysian Port of Tanjung Pelepas is taking the next step on its digitalization journey, tackling congestion and boosting sustainability with a port information management system (PMIS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI).The Port of Tanjung Pelepas, the 15th busiest port in the world, will deploy Innovez One’s MarineM solution to optimize tug and pilot operations, minimizing delays in the first and last mile of its logistics chains, while simultaneously reducing emissions.Innovez One has already provided port management information systems to major global players…