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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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05 Mar 2024

Singapore Highlights its Maritime Achievements for 2023

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The Singapore government has recounted the achievements of Maritime Singapore to date to highlight the nationā€™s successes as a maritime hub in 2023:Total business spending by key maritime companies overseen by MPA exceeded S$4.8 billion, up from S$4.3 billion in 2022. Twenty-five maritime companies established or expanded their operations in Singapore last year. These included maritime services companies and companies setting up sustainability desks in Singapore as part of theirā€¦

27 Feb 2024

NYK Receives ClassNK Certification for Offshore Wind CTV Training

(Credit: Class NK)

NYK has secured certification from ClassNK for Japanā€™s first training program for crew members of offshore wind industry crew transfer vessels (CTVs).The training is scheduled to be conducted at the Akita School of Wind and Sea training center in Oga City, Akita Prefecture, from April - offering three programs in total.The certification from Class NK is for simulator-based training for operating CTVs, which confirms that the training program meets quality and international standards after a review of the training frameworkā€¦

15 Feb 2024

ABS Opens LNG Academy in Qatar

(Credit: Screenshot/ABS Video)

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has inaugurated the ABS Global LNG Academy, a cutting-edge training center dedicated to using the latest techniques to educate mariners in modern liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessel operations.Located in Doha and supported by QatarEnergy, the Academy is a coordinated effort with industry partners, who are working together to make the ABS LNG Academy the global epicenter for LNG-related training and development. Establishing the training center is also a key part of ABSā€™ support of Qatarā€™s National Vision 2030 and the Tawteen Programā€¦

14 Jan 2024

2023 a Record Setting Year for Singapore

Source: Government of Singapore

Chee Hong Tat, Singaporeā€™s Acting Minister for Transport, announced a record year in 2023 at a Singapore Maritime Foundation New Year Conversations event.The annual vessel arrival tonnage in the Port of Singapore crossed three billion gross tonnage (GT) for the first time, increasing by 9.4% over 2022 and setting a high of 3.09 billion GT in 2023. This reflects growth in all segments, including container ships, dry bulk carriers, liquid bulk and chemical tankers, ferries and specialised vesselsā€¦

12 Dec 2023

Back to School: Virtual Field Trip for 27,000 Students onboard Saipem 7000

Image courtesy Saipem

As the maritime and offshore industries cumulatively search for ways to attract the 'next generation,' Saipem has come up with an innovative approach that gives thousands of students the ability to virtually visit work in the offshore environment: two days on board a naval vessel engaged in the construction of a large wind farm in the North Sea. This is the experience that almost 27,000 elementary and middle school students from over 850 cities were able to live thanks to an exclusive virtual and interactive school trip organized by Saipemā€¦

05 Dec 2023

16,000 Extra Workers Needed in UKā€™s Offshore Wind Sector by 2030

Source: ECITB

A new labor forecasting tool (LFT) is predicting around 16,000 additional workers could be needed in the UKā€™s offshore wind industry by 2030, and 12,000 extra workers will be needed specifically for carbon capture and hydrogen projects by 2027. It also highlights a significant increase in demand for workers in the West of Shetland oil and gas basin.The new resource, the first of its kind to focus on the engineering construction industry (ECI), provides insights into workforce numbers across regions and sectorsā€¦

29 Nov 2023

Royal Canadian Navy Deploys SkillGrader by Marine Learning Systems

Source: Royal Canadian Navy

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has implemented SkillGrader for simulation assessment in the Naval Officer Training Centreā€™s Navigation and Bridge Simulator (NABS) environment.Developed by Marine Learning Systems (MLS), SkillGrader will gather, store and report training metrics from student assessments. The project supports the RCNā€™s efforts to continuously enhance the quality of professional development of their Naval Warfare Officers.SkillGrader is a first of its kind tablet-basedā€¦

21 Nov 2023

Mintra Launches Learning Solution with Kongsberg Digital Simulators

Source: Mintra

Mintra have unveiled a new model of immersive digital learning course which includes Kongsberg Digital cloud-based simulations.The new course model weaves together a comprehensive learning framework that merges interactive digital learning and assessment with practical skills through simulation. The outcome is a technically accurate, high-quality, cloud-based, immersive learning experience that enables seafarers to seamlessly master essential theoretical and practical skills anywhereā€¦

26 Sep 2023

2023 Robert Allan Memorial Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

Samuel Shanks and Zachary Greenham (Source Robert Allan)

The Trustees of the Robert Allan Memorial Scholarship Trust and Robert Allan Ltd. Have awarded two scholarships for the 2023/2024 academic year.Awards have been made to Samuel Shanks of Port Alberni, BC, and Zachary Greenham of St. Johnā€™s, Newfoundland.Shanks is a second-year student of mechanical engineering at the University of Victoria, focussed on a career in marine engineering. Throughout high school and university he has gained considerable experience working in various aspects of the marine world.Greenham is a fourth-year student of naval architecture at Memorial University.

19 Sep 2023

ATSB: Fatal Pilot Ladder Accident Has Enduring Lessons

Source: ATSB

Managers of the two vessels involved in a fatal crew transfer accident off Brisbane, Australia, had not ensured personnel had a common and complete understanding of how the transfer would be conducted, an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation has concluded.On 9 August 2021, crew were being transferred to and from the bulk carrier Formosabulk Clement via the launch boat PT Transporter in the Port of Brisbane anchorage, about five nautical miles off the coast.The operation involved multiple visits from PT Transporter to transfer crew on and off the anchored bulk carrier.

14 Sep 2023

Singapore Announces Maritime Scholarship Awards

Source: MPA

At an award ceremony in Singapore this week, 60 MaritimeONE Scholarships and seven Tripartite Maritime Scholarships (TMSS) were presented, sponsored by 34 partners from industry, foundations, and unions.The number surpassed last yearā€™s award of 54 scholarships by 27 partners. More companies have come onboard to support MaritimeONE Scholarships in recent years, reflecting the focus on talent development by Maritime Singapore. To date, 584 MaritimeONE Scholarships, with a sponsorship value of $16 million have been awarded since the program started in 2007.Besides maritime-related coursesā€¦

16 Aug 2023

MarTID: Take the 2023 Survey on Maritime Training Practices

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Vessel owners/operators, Maritime Education and Training Institutes and Seafarers are encouraged to participate in the 2023 MarTID survey of maritime training practices.The survey is designed to take only 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but the insights are invaluable in the quest to learn more granular detail on the current focus and future shifts in the way in which seafarer training is delivered, measured and funded globally.The Maritime Training Insights Database (MarTID) isā€¦

27 Jun 2023

Specialist Training Provider Joins the Methanol Institute

Source: The Methanol Institute

The Methanol Institute has welcomed multi-disciplinary methanol consultancy GREEN MARINE as its latest member. The Denmark-headquartered company has recently finalised a specialist training program for crew onboard methanol dual-fuel vessels.A recent report commissioned by the Maritime Just Transition Task Force Secretariat predicts a rise in the number of seafarers needing training on alternative fuel technologies in the 2040s to between 310,000 and 750,000 people.The curriculumā€¦

23 Jun 2023

Maritime Safety - Enclosed Space Safety

Exploring case studies, play-through scenarios and gaming techniques can all be effective in testing the application of knowledge.
Photo courtesy Ocean Technologies Group

It's nearly 45 years since the tragedy on the ANCO Duke where seven crew died at the bottom of the tank they were cleaning. ā€œI was working on chemical tankers then. All the crew felt this terrible loss of life and took on tank entries with a heightened safety focus,ā€ says Captain Dave Watkins, Deputy Director of the confidential near-miss reporting service CHIRP Maritime. Since then, enclosed space deaths still occur, although not in the number they did.Watkins has years of experience on chemical and VLCC tankers as an officer and masterā€¦

21 Jun 2023

Training Tips for Ships: Empowering Seafarers with AI

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In the maritime industry, seafarer safety and professionalism are critical to ensuring smooth operations and minimizing risks. As technical advancements continue to reshape every industry including ours, large language models like ChatGPT and Bard have the potential to directly assist seafarers in performing their duties more safely and professionally. So, how can a seafarer leverage these tools to enhance their onboard performance? Letā€™s look at some examples.One example is in providing instant, human-readable access to regulations and guidelines.

19 Jun 2023

ECDIS is Not a Replacement for Terrestrial Navigation

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I guess it was only a matter of time. After years of debating whether or not Celestial Navigation should be taught it is now time to debate the relevance of Terrestrial Navigation. The argument is same: why do I need to know this if there is technology available to do it for me?The answer is also the same. If you want to be a professional mariner than your knowledge base and skill sets should far exceed that of a weekend boater that follows the direction of their chart plotterā€¦

18 Jun 2023

Minimum Safe Manning Levels Questioned

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The confidential and impartial incident and near-miss reporting scheme CHIRP Maritime has released its analysis of maritime reports received between April 2022 and March 2023.A key outcome of the analysis of reported incidents was the identification of inadequate leadership and supervision as a contributing factor. Adam Parnell, Director Maritime, said: ā€œThis analysis identifies the key causal factors of safety incidents reported to CHIRP Maritime over the past year. These include inadequate leadership or supervisionā€¦

07 Jun 2023

Study Highlights Upskilling Needs of Seafarers

Source: DNV

DNV has published a study co-sponsored by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), examining the key drivers transforming the maritime industry and their impact on ship management and seafarers.The study was officially handed to SMF Chairman Hor Weng Yew during the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo.The research draws on a comprehensive methodology combining a literature review, expert consultations, and a survey of over 500 seafarers responsible for operating dry bulk, tanker, and container vessels globally.

01 Jun 2023

MarTID: 2023 Survey of Maritime Training Practices is Open

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Vessel owners/operators, Maritime Education and Training Institutes and Seafarers are encouraged to participate in the 2023 MarTID survey of maritime training practices.The survey is designed to take only 20 to 30 minutes to complete, but the insights are invaluable in the quest to learn more granular detail on the current focus and future shifts in the way in which seafarer training is delivered, measured and funded globally.Click Here to read the 2021 MarTID ReportThe Maritimeā€¦

17 May 2023

Long Island Council of The Navy League Secures US Navy Grant

Walter A. Poggi, LI Council Corporate Committee Chairman and President of Retlif Testing Laboratories 30A5573
Photo courtesy of Progressive Marketing Group, Inc.

$2 million for Suffolk County Community College to stimulate workforce training and redevelopment. At a recent meeting of the Corporate Committee of the Long Island Council of the Navy League of the United States, US Navy Command Master Chief Joshua Sturgill who is Command Senior Enlisted Leader for Team Submarines, announced a $2 million grant for Advanced Manufacturing Scholarships supported by the Navyā€™s Submarine Industrial Base. The $2 million grant was awarded to Suffolkā€¦

16 May 2023

Asian Seafarer Hubs Push Forward with New Technology Training

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The seafarer home nations of the Philippines and Indonesia are working to equip their maritime workers with the skill sets needed to deliver a low and zero-carbon maritime sector.Speaking at the ā€˜Seizing opportunities for green shipping in Asia and the Pacificā€™ conference organized by the Philippines' Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), on May 15, Philippine Transmarine Carriers CEO Gerardo A. Borromeo said: ā€œThere is no doubt that the skill set for a career at sea is evolving.

01 May 2023

Texas A&M Takes Over MMA Training Ship

Source: Texas A&M

Texas A&M University at Galveston has taken over a new training ship, the TS Kennedy.The 540-foot vessel will enhance year-round training for Texas A&M Maritime Academy cadets in ship navigation and marine engineering systems, maintenance, safety and security.State maritime academy training ships are federally owned vessels operated by the six state maritime academies to serve cadet-training purposes. Successful legislative efforts in Washington, D.C. secured the transfer of the TS Kennedy from Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) this year and a new National Security Multi-Mission Vesselā€¦

14 Mar 2023

Kongsberg Digital Launches K-Sim Navigation CLOUD

Image courtesy Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital launched its new cloud-based navigation simulation solution.K-Sim Navigation CLOUD is based on Kongsbergā€™s simulation technology, developed in the SkyNav project funded by Innovation Norway. It enables schools and training centers to provide high-quality simulation training in navigation and ship handling, including ECDIS and radar. The solution is designed to provide basic navigation training in compliance with the DNVā€™s Class D requirements. For training institutes with onsite simulatorsā€¦