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Ethane News

06 Dec 2023

GTT Designing Tanks for Purus VLECs

Source: Purus

GTT has received an order from HD Hyundai Heavy Industries for the tank design of two new very large ethane carriers (VLEs), on behalf of shipowner Purus.GTT will design the tanks of these two vessels, which will each offer a capacity of 98,000m3. The tanks will be fitted with the Mark III membrane containment system developed by GTT.Delivery is scheduled between the fourth quarter of 2026 and the second quarter of 2027.The vessels will feature dual-fuel ethane engines and optimized cargo handling systems, enabling lower CO2 and SOx emissions.

06 Sep 2023

ABS Approves Jiangnan Shipyard’s BrilliancE II Containment System

Source: ABS

ABS has awarded Jiangnan Shipyard approval in principle (AiP) for its BrilliancE II IMO Type B cryogenic liquefied gas containment system for very large ethane carriers (VLEC).The BrilliancE II advances the original BrilliancE system first seen in the ABS-classed VLEC Pacific Ineos Belstaff, which was launched at Jiangnan Shipyard in 2021.“Jiangnan is not content with repeating the previous design of VLEC for identical construction. BrilliancE II is the outcome of significant effects on the optimization of ship performance…

04 Jan 2023

Future Fuels: 275 Altenative Fuel Ships Ordered in 2022

MAN ES will start testing its ammonia fueled engine in Q1 2023, and on Maritime Reporter & Engineering News' recent visit to
the MAN ES R&D center in Copenhagen, Bjarne Foldager, Senior Vice President, head of two stroke business at MAN ES, said he
sees a rapid uptake on methnol in the coming years, with 2035 anticipated as a 'tipping point' toward ammonia. Photo of
the MAN ES ammonia engine. Look for the full report in the January 2023 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News. Im

The total number of ships with alternative fuels ordered in 2022 was 275 (excluding battery operated vessels), according to  numbers released today from DNV viat its Alternative Fuels Insight report.In addition, more than 50 LPG carriers have been ordered with LPG dual fuel systems. Predictably, LNG led the way with 222 ships or 81 % of total orders. Seventy-four percent of these orders were for container vessels and Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs), while product tankers came in third representing 9 % of orders.

10 Feb 2022

World’s First IMO Type-B Tank VLEC Named in Houston

Pacific Ineos Belstaff (Photo: Ineos)

Ineos' new ethane carrier, said to be the world's largest and first with IMO type-B tanks, was named Pacific Ineos Belstaff at a ceremony in Houston.The 230-meter-long, 99,000-cubic-meter-capacity very large ethane carrier (VLEC) was built by China's Jiangnan Shipyard and will be operated by Pacific Gas, primarily for the transport of U.S. ethane to China and Europe. The ABS-classed ship, which is the first in the world to feature newly designed IMO type-B tanks that fit closely to the external shape of the vessel for optimized vessel capacity…

17 Dec 2020

Great Ships of 2020: Seri Everest, World’s Largest Ethane Carrier

Photo Courtesy MISC Berhad

Seri Everest, the first in a series of three 98,000 cbm Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLECs) built at Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (SHI) and delivered to MISC Berhad on October 30, 2020. Seri Everest is the first from a series of six VLECs that MISC purchased in July 2020. As a second generation VLEC, Seri Everest is one of the largest vessels of its kind in the world.With the delivery of MISC’s first VLEC – Seri Everest, she has set a new benchmark in the ethane market. Seri Everest has the capacity of transporting ethane in large volumes over long distances…

26 Jul 2020

GTT Inks Services Deal with Fleet Management

(Photo: Fleet Management)

GTT said it has signed a Global Technical Services Agreement (TSA) with Hong-Kong based ship-management company Fleet Management. GTT will support Fleet Management with the shipbuilding supervision, maintenance and operation of the vessels they manage.This agreement includes technical assistance for inspection, maintenance, repairs, operations and engineering services, and access to the HEARS1 emergency hotline, which enables ship-owners, operators and their crews to contact GTT’s…

25 Feb 2020

KSS Line Orders 5th VLGC at HHI

South Korean shipping company KSS Line placed an order for the construction of a new class 84,000 cbm Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) at compatriot Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).According to a statement from the marine transportation business company, this is the fifth VLGC order at the yard. All five VLGCs are scheduled for delivery in 2021."In 2021, when five new VLGCs, including the new vessels, are delivered, sales are expected to exceed KRW 300 billion and continue to grow," it said.The fifth VLGC new vessel is scheduled to enter into a long-term transportation contract with BGN Group, a European-based energy company, for seven years from the third quarter of 2021.The new 84,000 CBM-level VLGC can navigate through both the new and old Panama Canal.

24 Feb 2020

Enestas Plans First Dual LNG Terminal in Mexico

Mexican liquefied natural gas (LNG) company Enestas is planning to build the first first dual LNG and liquid ethane port terminal in Mexico.The new facility is located on the Gulf Coast and unloads directly from vessels up to 22,000 m3 in size. The facility features an automated storage and unloading system. Subsequently, Enestas transports the cryogenic product to the customer's facility."Based on this success, the company is planning to build more LNG terminals along the Mexican coastlines to further promote and facilitate the use of LNG as a marine fuel and for domestic distribution," said the company.Enestas believes LNG is the most cost effective and ecological long-term solution for complying with the IMO 2020 sulfur cap.

18 Sep 2019

ABS Issues AIP for Jiangnan for VLGC, VLEC Design

The class organization American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has granted the approval in principle (AIP) for the LNG Jumbo, two next generation gas carrier designs from the Chinese Jiangnan Shipyard Group.ABS granted AIP for a 91,000m3 Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) Panda 91T design and for the “BrilliancE”, a new 99,000 m3 Type B Very Large Ethane Carrier (VLEC) Bluebonnet design.“ABS is proud to support the pioneering work of Jiangnan in the design and delivery of gas carriers. By awarding this AIP, ABS is demonstrating its commitment to promoting innovative concepts which meet market needs and drive safer and more sustainable shipping…

18 Sep 2019

LNG Cargo Ready Notation for Ethane Carriers

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the provider of classification, technical, and regulatory services for the marine industry, launched the industry’s first LNG Cargo Ready notation.The development was announced at a joint event with GTT, highlighting progress towards delivering “LNG Cargo Ready” ethane carriers.The ABS LNG Cargo Ready notation confirms that an ethane carrier is capable of future modification to trade LNG cargoes. ABS is the first classification society to develop requirements and notations for ethane carriers that assist in assessing the level of LNG cargo readiness.The notation identifies potential barriers and assesses LNG capability of equipment and systems installed on the Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC).“As a global leader in gas…

18 Sep 2019

AEC Collaborates with ABS for ULEC

American Ethane Company (AEC) is collaborating with ABS, the global provider of classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, on a next generation fleet of Ultra Large Ethane Carriers (ULEC).ABS is actively supporting AEC and its shipping project partners, who will build, own and operate a fleet of ULECs to transport 7.2 MTPA of US ethane to China.“ABS is a world leader in the classification of gas carriers and classes the majority of the large ethane carriers built to date, so it is exciting to be working so closely with AEC, which has done so much to advance the industry,” said Patrick Janssens…

17 Sep 2019

GTT Scores VLEC Order from HHI & SHI

French liquefied natural gas containment system specialist Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT) has received an order notification for the tank design of six very large ethane carriers (VLEC).According to the engineering company its membrane technology has been chosen for the tank design which will be built by the Korean shipyards Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) on behalf of Chinese based Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical.The delivery of the vessels is scheduled from Q4 2020 onwards.GTT’s Mark III membrane containment system has been chosen for the design of the tanks.The design has been optimized in order to significantly increase the capacity within the standard VLGCs1 overall dimensions…