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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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27 May 2024

MOL to Install Wind Powered Propulsion Systems on Seven New Vessels

(Credit: MOL)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and its company MOL Drybulk have announced plans to install wind propulsion systems, including Wind Challenger, on a total of seven newbuilding bulk carriers and multi-purpose vessels.The vessels will be operated by MOL Drybulk. With the latest commitment, MOL Group will have a total of nine Wind Challenger-equipped vessels, bringing the total number of vessels equipped with wind propulsion systems to 11.Among the seven vessels to be equipped with wind propulsion systems…

21 May 2024

Flawed Propeller Blade Caused Containership to Lose of Propulsion -NTSB

The five-bladed controllable pitch propeller on the Maunalei showing a fracture (inset) at the base of the no. 4 blade. (Source: U.S. Coast Guard)

A containership transiting the Pacific Ocean lost hydraulic oil and propulsion after its propeller blade cracked, according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). A blade on the vessel’s controllable pitch propeller system did not meet manufacturer design specifications, the investigation found.The Matson containership Maunalei was travelling to Portland, Ore., from Anchorage, Alaska on August 11, 2022, for drydock repairs when the crew intentionally shut down the main engine due to problems in the controllable pitch propeller system…

16 May 2024

Efficiency Gains from Eliminating the Hub Vortex

Holy Boss Cap undergoing  trials.
Image courtesy EcoMarine Innovations

There is hydrodynamic solution that delivers multiple benefits for ship owners facing increasingly tough regulatory requirements and rising operational costs, writes Dr. Batuhan Aktas*One area of ship operations that has attracted much attention in recent years due to the possibilities it represents for emissions reduction is that of cavitation. During ship operations, cavitation occurs because of vortices that build up and cause bubbles to collapse under the ship’s propeller. The results of this process include increased noise, vibration and energy usage.

16 May 2024

Brunvoll to Equip REM Offshore's Next-Gen Subsea Construction Vessel

Underwater illustration of REM’s new ESCV (Credit: Skipsteknisk)

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Myklebust Verft shipyard for the delivery of a thruster package to REM Offshore’s new energy subsea construction vessel (ESCV).The contract is for one vessel with an additional vessel as an option.Brunvoll will deliver a thruster package consisting of two propulsion azimuth thrusters, two retractable azimuth thrusters, and a tunnel thruster.One of the retractable azimuth thrusters is a newly developed and more compact version of Brunvoll’s traditional azimuth combi thrusters…

15 May 2024

Stena’s Ro-Pax Vessel with Wärtsilä Propellers Obtains DNV Silent Operations Notation

Stena’s  Ro-Pax vessel Ala’suinu - Credit: © Stena RoRo

Stena’s new Ro-Pax vessel, Ala’suinu, equipped with Wärtsilä propellers has received DNV’s Silent(E) notation, issued to vessels that demonstrate the ability to effectively reduce emissions of underwater radiated noise.Technology group Wärtsilä has designed and delivered controllable pitch propellers for Stena’s new Ro-Pax vessel, Ala’suinu, which has successfully completed sea trials.Following these sea trials, Ala’suinu became the first Ro-Pax vessel to fulfil the DNV Silent(E) notation…

14 May 2024

Brunvoll System to Propel Cyan Renewables New SOV

Illustration for Cyan Renewables new SOV (Credit: Vard Design)

Brunvoll has signed a contract with Vard for the delivery of a comprehensive propulsion and maneuvering system for Cyan Renewables' new Service Operation Vessel (SOV).The vessel will have the first azimuth propulsion thrusters from Brunvoll with an 8-degree tilted propeller and nozzle, for enhanced performance during dynamic positioning operations.The delivery for the new SOV consists of two azimuth propulsion thrusters, two retractable azimuth thrusters, a tunnel thruster, and…

26 Apr 2024

Guangzhou Port Group’s e-tug to Sport Schottel Propulsion

Image courtesy SCHOTTEL

SCHOTTEL will equip Guangzhou Port Group’s latest e-tug with two RudderPropellers type SRP 360 in the LE-Drive variant. The new harbor tug measures 37.9 x 10.5m and will be mainly used for berthing assistance, escorting and towing in the Port of Guangzhou, China. Each SRP has an input power of 1,500 kW and a propeller diameter of 2.2m. The 360-degree steerable thruster combines maximum maneuverability and bollard pull with outstanding efficiency during free sailing, providing…

18 Apr 2024

Damen Naval to Equip ASW Frigates with Kongsberg’s Propellers

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) frigate (Credit: Damen)

Damen Naval has selected Kongsberg Maritime Sweden to deliver controllable pitch propellers and shaft lines for the four Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) frigates for the Netherlands and Belgium.As part of this contract, Kongsberg will supply four shipsets of its controllable pitch propeller systems and associated equipment including blades, hubcaps, hubs, and shaft lines.The four ASW frigates will replace the current Karel Doorman-class multi-purpose frigates. They will be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, with anti-submarine warfare as their main purpose.

16 Apr 2024

Wärtsilä Launches New High-Performance Thruster and Propulsion Control Solution

(Credit: Wärtsilä)

Wärtsilä has introduced a new high-performance thruster and propulsion control solution, which is said to raise the level of offshore dynamic positioning for greater efficiency and operational performance of vessels.The company’s new high-performance thruster and propulsion control solution package utilizes a combination of Wärtsilä’s WST-E embedded electric steerable thruster and WST-R retractable thrusters, together with an updated remote propulsion control system featuring an enhanced user interface ProTouch…

07 Apr 2024

ITIC Highlights Importance of Vessel Design Reviews Following $5 Million Claim

Mark Brattman (Source ITIC)

The International Transport Intermediaries Club (ITIC) has highlighted the importance of robust vessel design reviews and related insurance coverage throughout the construction process following a recent dispute between a naval architect, a shipowner and a shipyard regarding a vessel’s operational performance post-delivery.The vessel, a 24-metre catamaran servicing the offshore oil and gas industry, faced considerable operational limitations. This was attributed to unexpected vibration issues in the vessel's rudders…

01 Apr 2024

Pacific Basin Chooses Graphene-Based Propeller Coating

Source: Pacific Basin

Dry bulk shipping company Pacific Basin has decided to apply a sustainable graphene-based propeller coating XGIT-PROP, developed by Canadian company GIT Coatings, across its entire fleet.Following successful application and observing positive results on one of its Supramax dry bulk vessels, Pacific Basin has started the rollout of XGIT-PROP across 40 vessels scheduled for dry dock maintenance in 2024. This decarbonisation initiative marks the largest adoption of graphene-based propeller coating in the dry bulk segment.Sanjay Relan…

18 Mar 2024

Schottel Breaks Ground for Rudder Propeller Factory Expansion in Germany

Ground breaking ceremony for new logistics center (Credit: Schottel)

Schottel has marked the symbolic start of construction for the expansion of its rudder propeller factory in Dörth, with the construction already advancing towards the planned commissioning in 2025.Schottel is expanding its rudder propeller factory by adding a logistics center measuring around 4,000 m2.As the official ground-breaking ceremony was delayed, it has now taken place symbolically against the backdrop of the shell construction that has already begun.The total investment volume amounts to €9.5 million…

07 Mar 2024

SCHOTTEL to Equip Med Marine's Six New ASD Tugs

The SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller  (Image: SCHOTTEL)

SCHOTTEL is to equip six new ASD tugs of the Turkish Med Marine Group with the SCHOTTEL RudderPropeller (SRP). The new vessels will be built by Med Marine’s Ereğli Shipyard and will be available in 2025 to meet the constantly growing demand for Med Marine tugs. A total of 12 SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers in the SRP 360, SRP 430 and SRP 490 series will be built for the new vessels by the German manufacturer of marine propulsion systems. The new tugs will cater for a range of different bollard pull requirements in the 50-…

07 Nov 2023

New Hybrid-drive Tug is First on South America’s West Coast


The PSA Wayra ASD tug will soon enter service for PSA Marine Peru, a wholly owned subsidiary of PSA Marine (Pte) Ltd, as the first tug with a hybrid drive system on South America’s west coast. Hong Kong-based Cheoy Lee Shipyards has built the PSA Wayra on the RAmparts 2400W design from Robert Allan Ltd. The tug is propelled by SCHOTTEL RudderPropellers featuring patented SYDRIVE-M technology. This mechanical hybrid solution without the costly complexity of common hybrid technology reduces both the vessel’s maintenance costs and its fuel consumption.

02 Nov 2023

SCHOTTEL to Propel Windcat Offshore's Latest Walk-to-Work CSOVs


The first three new Walk-to-Work Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) built by the Dutch Damen Group for Windcat Offshore will be powered by full propulsion packages from SCHOTTEL. With vessel sizes of 87 metres by 20 metres, each CSOV will come with high-comfort accommodation for 120 passengers, and will provide a large warehouse and deck as well as various recreational areas and a hospital. The vessels will be powered by hydrogen and use a DP-2 control system. The…

24 Oct 2023

Partners Aim to Produce 3D-printed Propeller

© nordroden / Adobe Stock

ABS is joining Mencast Marine (MMPL), the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC) on a project to manufacture and class a 3D-printed propeller.The collaborative project builds upon a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by ABS and MMPL that is focused on additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, for critical maritime components.The new initiative has an objective to 3D-print a ship propeller using Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) techniques with a goal to achieve high-quality…

11 Oct 2023

Moby Selects Kongsberg Maritime for Ro-Ro Propulsion Upgrade

Source: Kongsberg Maritime courtesy of Moby

Kongsberg Maritime has won a contract to upgrade the propulsion systems on five ro-ro passenger ferries for Italian operator Moby. The vessel upgrades will together reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30,000 tons per year.Moby operates a fleet of ro-ro passenger ferries, operating in the western Mediterranean, including routes between the Italian mainland, Sicily, and Sardinia.Three of the ships, the Moby Vinci, the Sharden, and the Moby Aki, will all receive a Promas Lite propulsion system, which combines rudder and propeller into one propulsion unit.

13 Sep 2023

AEGIR-Marine and UPE Conduct Major Stern Tube and Propeller Repair Job

When on route to the Gulf of Mexico area, a fully laden bulker hit a buoy off the coast of Colombia damaging the propeller blades and aft seal assembly. A close detailed inspection revealed a missing rope guard, the entire seal box being distorted and dislocated from the stern tube and all five propelled blades damaged.Trained and certified UPE-dive technicians were mobilized, together with special habitat and relevant equipment, from AEGIR-Marine’s Panama branch.A complete new split type seal assembly was ordered and transferred, from stock, to location.

28 Aug 2023

Erik Thun Unveils New Lake Vanern MAX Bulk Carrier Series

Source: Erik Thun Group

Sweden’s Erik Thun Group has unveiled its next generation battery-hybrid, dry cargo vessel series being built at Shipyard Ferus Smit in the Netherlands.The Lake Vanern Max is hybrid, with a battery pack for peak shaving and power smoothening, reducing the reliance on auxiliary engines for electricity generation. The vessel is designed to stay at anchor without using auxiliary engines. Shore connection enables clean and silent port operations and allows the vessel to shut down all engines onboard…

26 Jul 2023

Wärtsilä Supplies Energy Saving Propulsion Devices to Vitol Tankers

Two vessels owned by global energy company Vitol had tailored Wärtsilä EnergoFlow and EnergoProFin systems installed during summer 2022 © Wärtsilä Corporation

Wärtsilä has delivered propulsion efficiency devices to two tankers owned by Vitol.The vessels, Elandra Sea and Elandra Star, managed by Latvian operator LSC Group, had tailored Wärtsilä EnergoFlow and EnergoProFin systems installed during summer 2022.EnergoFlow is a pre-swirl stator that creates an optimal inflow for the propeller, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in all operating conditions. The EnergoProFin is an energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller.

31 Aug 2023

SCHOTTEL to Propel Orca Class Heavy-lift Vessels

The new Orca Class heavy-lift vessels being built at China's Wuhu Shipyard for the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance will be propelled by SCHOTTEL ControllablePropellers (SCP).The four-bladed controllable pitch propellers type SCP 129 will feature an input power of up to 8,810 kW and a propeller diameter of six meters.Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is a commercial joint venture between German shipping company SAL Heavy Lift and Netherlands-based Jumbo Shipping. Their new Orca Class, which includes four firm and two optional vessels…

23 Aug 2023

Propspeed Receives Type Approval from Bureau Veritas

(Photo: Propspeed)

New Zealand-based Propspeed's underwater foul-release coating system has received type approval from Bureau Veritas following significant third-party testing.Marine materials and equipment certification is the review and testing process that ensures ships’ component parts conform to the technical standards established by regulatory bodies. Bureau Veritas provides certification services for shipyards, suppliers and manufacturers, helping keep ship materials and equipment reliable for shipowners.

10 Aug 2023

Brunvoll's Propulsion and Manoeuvring Packages for Purus Wind's CSOVs

Credit: Vard

Norwegian firm Brunvoll has secured a contract to deliver propulsion and manoeuvring packages for Purus Wind's two new Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV).Each vessel will be outfitted with two azimuth thrusters for propulsion, and two retractable azimuth thrusters and a tunnel thruster for manoeuvring The scope of supply features also Brunvoll's Propulsion and Thruster Control system, Brucon PTC."The offshore wind market will be an important segment for Brunvoll in…

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