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Friday, July 12, 2024

Wind Propulsion News

10 Jul 2024

MOL Delivers Second Wind Sail-Equipped Bulk Carrier

(Credit: MOL)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has completed the construction of bulk carrier Green Winds, equipped with the Wind Challenger hard sail wind power propulsion system.The construction of the 63,896 DWT Ultramax bulk carrier was completed at Oshima Shipbuilding.MOL Group’s company MOL Drybulk will operate this new vessel.This is the second of a total of nine MOL Group vessels that have been or will be equipped with the Wind Challenger and the world's first crane vessel featuring that propulsion

14 Jun 2024

Konsberg to Equip Hybrid Chemical Tanker for Danish Operator

(Credit: TĂ€rntan)

Kongsberg Maritime has secured a contract to design and a equip a 10th hybrid chemical tanker for Danish operator Tärntank.The new Tärntank vessels will reduce carbon emissions using a combination of clean technologies.The wind-assist technology will be installed on the latest four vessels ordered, and this feature alone is expected to reduce emissions by up to 19%. The new vessels will have an Energy Efficiency Design Index close to 40% below the 2025 Phase 3 requirements.The 15

12 Jun 2024

Berg to Supply Propulsion Kit for LDA's Wind-Assisted Airbus RoRos

© Airbus / Louis Dreyfus Armateurs / Norsepower

Berg Propulsion has won a contract to deliver the hybrid propulsion solution for three wind-assisted Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) Ro-Ro vessels.Following delivery by China’s Wuchang Shipbuilding from 2026 onwards, the innovative vessels will carry Airbus A320 Family jetliner subassemblies from France to the final assembly line in the United States.The ships have been designed by Deltamarin with the aim of halving fuel burn and CO2 emissions in transatlantic operations by 2030

04 Jun 2024

AYRO Rebrands as OceanWings

Source: OceanWings

Wind assisted ship propulsion system company AYRO has introduced an expanded Wingsail portfolio designed to adapt to the cargo needs of ships of most types or size, and rebranded as OceanWings, with the announcement made at Posidonia 2024.The rebranding follows a successful design, manufacturing and commercialization phase over the past six years, bookended in 2023 by the launch and subsequent commercial operations of the Canopée RORO cargo ship, equipped with four fuel-saving OceanWings® Wingsails.The new product range ensures OceanWings are now available to most shipowners

28 May 2024

Marflet Marine Opts for Sail Retrofit

Source: bound4blue

Spain-based Marflet Marine has signed a contract with bound4blue for the installation of four 22m eSAILs® on the 49,999dwt oil and chemical tanker Santiago I.The contract, with installation in mid-2025, makes Marflet the first Spanish merchant fleet owner to adopt a wind auxiliary power system. It marks a further landmark development for bound4blue’s fully autonomous suction sail eSAIL® technology, which has recently been selected by other companies including Eastern Pacific Shipping

27 May 2024

MOL to Install Wind Powered Propulsion Systems on Seven New Vessels

(Credit: MOL)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and its company MOL Drybulk have announced plans to install wind propulsion systems, including Wind Challenger, on a total of seven newbuilding bulk carriers and multi-purpose vessels.The vessels will be operated by MOL Drybulk. With the latest commitment, MOL Group will have a total of nine Wind Challenger-equipped vessels, bringing the total number of vessels equipped with wind propulsion systems to 11.Among the seven vessels to be equipped with wind propulsion systems

24 May 2024

J-Power’s Coal Carrier to Sport Wind Challenger Propulsion System

(Credit: MOL)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and Electric Power Development (J-Power) have agreed to install the Wind Challenger hard sail propulsion system, which converts wind energy to propulsive force, on the coal carrier Kurotakisan Maru.The installation of the Wind Challenger sail, which transports steaming coal to J-Power's power stations, is schedule for the second half of 2025.This marks the first installation of the Wind Challenger on a vessel currently in service by retrofitting, according to MOL.The Wind Challenger is a device developed by MOL and Oshima Shipbuilding

20 May 2024

Pöntynen Takes the Helm at Norsepower

Heikki Pöntynen will step into the role of CEO of Norsepower. Image courtesy Norsepower

One chapter of Norsepower’s remarkable growth story ends and another begins as Tuomas Riski passes his CEO position onto Heikki Pöntynen, who has been a member of Norsepower’s board. Pöntynen has vast experience in maritime growth companies, and has held several maritime management positions in Finland, China, Hong Kong, and the USA.  Before starting at Norsepower, Mr Pöntynen served as a senior executive with Plannneri, R&M Group, Rauma Marine Constructions – Rauma Shipyard, Elomatic and MacGregor Group. He also holds an M.Sc. degree and EMBA from Kellogg, Northwestern University-WHU.

06 May 2024

The Power of Now: Sailing Toward Shipping’s Climate Goals

bound4blue's unique suction sails (Photo: bound4blue)

When Bertrand Charrier worked with Jacques Cousteau four decades ago on the development of a revolutionary sail for the maritime industry, the time for widescale adoption of wind power wasn’t right. Now, he argues, there’s simply no time to waste.“Sometimes the best discoveries are rediscoveries.”Bertrand Charrier is a champion of simplicity. Sitting in a comfortable chair overlooking the rolling fields of rural France, he delivers frank observations backed by a blend of common sense and scientific expertise.The maritime industry

25 Mar 2024

Groke to Deliver Situational Awareness Tech for Ships with BARTech WindWings

(Photo: Groke Technologies)

Finland-headquartered maritime tech company Groke Technologies (Groke) is working with BAR Technolgoes (BARTech) design and develop of situational awareness systems for the U.K. marine engineering consultancy’s WindWings wind propulsion technology.The companies have signed a partnership agreement following the debut installation of two 37.5 m (123 ft) tall WindWings sails on board MC Shipping-owned and Cargill-operated Kamsarmax bulker Pyxis Ocean. Groke’s camera and imaging solutions were also installed.Groke Technologies’ CEO Juha Rokka said

18 Mar 2024

Liebherr Tech Helps Drive Wind-assisted AYRO

Jifmar-group-library.jpg The 121 metres long Canopée vessel with its hybrid propulsion of two diesel engines and four OceanWingsŸ.
© Jifmar Group Library / Tom Van Oossanen

Liebherr worked with AYRO, the French industrial start-up that recently successfully equipped the Canopée vessel with four OceanWings, making it the first hybrid industrial cargo ship powered by wind.With a height of 37 metres and a surface area of 363 m² each, this automated, lowerable and patented vertical wingsail technology will help the ship cut fossil fuel consumption.AYRO’s 37-m-high wingsails require a special solution due to their size, especially regarding its electrical actuators.

01 Mar 2024

LMG Marin Tapped to Support Eastern Pacific eSAIL Install

LMG Marin France reports it has secured an engineering contract with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) for integration of bound4blue eSAILsEPS will install its first ever wind-assisted propulsion system, three 22-metrer eSAILs o,n board the 2019-built oil and chemical tanker Pacific Sentinel in Q4 this year. The expected net gains in term of consumption are 10% subject to routing.LMG Marin said it worked with EPS, bound4blue, ABS to ensure preliminary feasibility studies of the turnkey eSAILs solution onboard the 183-metre

22 Feb 2024

German Government Funds Rotor Sail Install on Baltrader Cement Carrier

(Image: Norsepower)

The German government is providing funding to support the installation of an auxiliary wind propulsion system on board a cement carrier vessel.Hamburg-based Baltrader Capital GmbH & Co. KG. has signed a contract with wind propulsion systems provider Norsepower for the delivery of one 24m x 4m sized rotor sail in summer 2024. The product will be fitted on the newest cement carrier of the Baltrader fleet, Cemcommander, designed by SDC Ship Design & Consultants GmbH and built by Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard (Group) Co. Ltd.The Norsepower rotor sail is a modernized version of the Flettner rotor.

22 Feb 2024

Eastern Pacific Shipping to Equip Pacific Sentinel with eSAIL Wind Propulsion System

The Pacific Sentinel vessel showcasing the three 22-meter-high eSAILs (Credit: Eastern Pacific Shipping)

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) has signed a contract for its first ever wind-assisted propulsion system, partnering with bound4blue to install three 22-metre eSAILs onboard the Pacific Sentinel.The turnkey ‘suction sail’ technology, which drags air across an aerodynamic surface to generate propulsive efficiency, will be fitted in fourth quarter of 2024.The wind-assisted propulsion technology is expected to help the 183-metre, 50,000 DWT oil and chemical tanker reduce overall energy consumption by approximately 10%

21 Feb 2024

Blue Wasp Marine Awarded AiP for Wind Performance Prediction Software

Source: Blue Wasp Marine

RINA has awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) for Blue Wasp Marine’s Pelican performance prediction software for wind-assisted ships.With this, Pelican has become the first software of its kind to have received class recognition.Pelican, the product of over 10 years of PhD research, is able to simulate the performance of a ship equipped with wind propulsion technologies using specific wind conditions and sea states. Pelican features a built-in force module for both aero- and hydrodynamics.

20 Feb 2024

Chemical Tanker is World's First Equipped with Wind Propulsion

(Photo: Chemship)

Chemship commissioned its first ship with wind assisted ship propulsion. This makes the MT Chemical Challenger the first chemical tanker in the world to be equipped with sustainable wind technology. The ship will serve on shipping company Chemship’s Trans-Atlantic route between the East Coast of the United States and the Mediterranean.This week four 16-metre-high aluminum wind sails were installed on board the 134-meter-long vessel. The VentoFoils from Econowind create a direct wind surface of 180 m2.

12 Feb 2024

BAR Tech Signs European Supplier for Wind Propulsion Systems

(Credit: BAR Technologies)

BAR Technologies, a developer of wind propulsion systems, has entered into partnership with floating offshore wind platforms pioneer Nervion Naval Offshore to manage and oversee the production of BAR Technologies’ wing sail design WindWings in Europe.The agreement with Nervion, a company owned by Amper Group and with factories in Ferrol and As Somozas in Galicia, Spain, is the first manufacturing partnership for BAR Technologies outside of China.It is expected to provide European customers

30 Jan 2024

bound4blue to Install Its eSAIL on Cargo Vessel Newbuild

(Image: Cotenaval)

bound4blue reports it has been selected to install a 22-meter-high eSAIL on board the newbuild multipurpose cargo vessel Na Pae E Hiro, helping shipowner SNA TUHA’A PAE (SNA) reduce energy consumption by 10%. Launching in 2026, the trailblazing ship will mix green technology with an ambition to accelerate development of the remote Austral Islands, carrying both vital supplies and up to 200 tourists on its voyages from Tahiti to the South Pacific archipelago.The eSAIL, designed for both retrofits and newbuilds, is a ‘suction sail’.

27 Dec 2023

Hapag-Lloyd Studying Wind-assisted Propulsion

(Image: Hapag-Lloyd)

Hapag-Lloyd reports it has initiated a conceptual study for a 4,500 TEU ship featuring a wind-assisted propulsion system.The German shipping company, which aims to be carbon neutral by 2045, is exploring the use of wind-assisted propulsion systems among a number of options to make its shipping operations sustainableThe company said its recent wind-assisted propulsion research is supported by Boris Herrmann and TEAM MALIZIA from the professional sailing sector and have now outlined a potential containership design. The vessel's design includes eight sails totaling 3,000 square meters.

19 Dec 2023

Louis Dreyfus Opts for eSAILs on Juice Ship

Image courtesy Louis Dreyfus Company

bound4blue and Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) announced today a commercial agreement for the manufacture and installation of four eSAILs on LDC’s chartered juice vessel, MV Atlantic Orchard, in collaboration with Wisby Tankers AB, Sweden (Wisby Tankers).Chartered by LDC and owned by Wisby Tankers, MV Atlantic Orchard will be retrofitted with four 26-meter-high eSAILs. The installation of the eSAILs is planned for 2024 and, depending on vessel routing, is expected to reduce annual

07 Dec 2023

Oldendorff Inks Deal with Teck for Rotor Sail Install

(Image: Teck Resources)

Canadian mining company Teck Resources announced it has signed a deal with German shipping company Oldendorff Carriers to use wind propulsion to further reduce CO2 emissions in Teck’s supply chain. The joint investment will see the vessel Dietrich Oldendorff, which carries shipments of Teck steelmaking coal from the Port of Vancouver, outfitted with a Norsepower Flettner Rotor system by mid-2024.The Flettner Rotors generate lift from the wind, which is translated into additional thrust, thereby reducing fuel consumption on voyages across the Pacific.

05 Dec 2023

Sails and Satellite Navigation Could Cut Shipping Industry’s Emissions By Up to a Third

A cargo vessel with Flettner rotors – a modern equivalent to sails. Flettner rotors are smooth cylinders with discs that spin as wind passes at right angles across it. (Photo: Norsepower)

In the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, a transformation is underway.The international shipping sector, made up of thousands of massive cargo ships laden with many of the goods we buy, emits carbon dioxide (CO₂) roughly equivalent to the entire country of Germany.Our research emphasises the need for immediate action. Reducing shipping emissions by 34% by 2030 is necessary to stay on course with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal. But with low-carbon fuel pipelines unlikely to be available at the necessary scale until at least the 2030s

22 Nov 2023

ONE to Trial Wind-Assist Propulsion

Source: ONE

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has launched a wind-assist propulsion trial in partnership with Dutch maritime wind-powered technology company Econowind.The companies are set to install two containerized wind-assist devices, known as VentoFoil containers, on the MV Kalamazoo. The 1,036 TEU feeder vessel operates between Pusan, Yokohama, and Honolulu, and is owned by NORSE UK and operated by Goodwood Ship Management, Singapore.The VentoFoils, which resemble airplane wings, are designed to harness wind energy, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.