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Thursday, July 25, 2024

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09 May 2024

DX for Ship Design: Aiming to Reduce Construction Time, Costs

The BDP Concept. Image courtesy NYK

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) and its group company MTI Co., Ltd. (MTI), in collaboration with Smert Design Co. Ltd., launched a trial to use 3D models in the initial design phase of ship construction. Ultimately, the aim of the project is to help optimize and shorten the ship design and construction process.As part of the joint research project "Ship Design Streamlining Project by Front Loading," the three companies will implement the "Basic Design Platform" (BDP) into the ship design software CADMATIC and use it to design an LPG tanker for Kyoei Tanker Co., Ltd.

27 Feb 2024

Constucution Starts on 10 Incat Crowther Ferries for Majestic Fleet

Image © Incat Crowther

Singapore’s Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd has commissioned Incat Crowther to design a new second generation 39-m passenger ferry as the basis of its future fleet. Incat Crowther’s range with PT Cahaya Samudra covers four vessels lengths; 29-, 32-, 39- and 42-m.

27 Feb 2024

Damen, Portuguese Navy Co-Develop Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS)

The Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) has been co-developed by Damen and the Portuguese Navy. Image courtesy Damen

Damen Shipyards Group has unveiled a new ship design based on modern defense and security requirements. The Multi-Purpose Support Ship (MPSS) has been co-developed with the Portuguese Navy, the vessel’s launching customer. It is a solution for the increasing use of drone technology in combat and surveillance. In addition to its primary function, the MPSS is designed to fulfil a wide range of additional tasks, including auxiliary roles.Damen has begun construction of the first vessel of this new design.

25 Jan 2024

Incat Crowther Design for Florida Ferry

Image © Incat Crowther

Incat Crowther has been commissioned by Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation to design a new 300-passenger, high-speed catamaran for US operator Yankee Freedom.The new vessel, Yankee Freedom IV, will replace the 250-passenger Yankee Freedom III, which was also designed by Incat Crowther. Like its predecessor, Yankee Freedom IV will provide service on the 70-mile route between Key West in Florida and the Dry Tortugas National Park.The commissioning of Yankee Freedom IV reinforces Incat Crowther’s position as one of the most trusted passenger ferry designers in North America.

19 Dec 2023

Uzmar Delivers Svitzer Estelle

Image courtesy Svitzer

Svitzer announced the delivery of Svitzer Estelle, the second tug built as part of the company’s ongoing partnership with Uzmar Shipyards, based in Turkey.Svitzer Estelle is a Robert Allan Ltd. designed RAstar 3200W that will be deployed by Svitzer on the River Thames and the River Medway,bolstering the company’s operations in the busy Port of London. The first tug delivered by Uzmar Shipyards in May 2023, Svitzer Elizabeth, is currently in service in the Port of Liverpool. Svitzer’s partnership with Uzmar Shipyards began with the delivery of two tugs for the company’s fleet in Australia.

18 Sep 2023

Using AI To Advance Engineering Analysis: Not More Data, More Physics

Copyright Kras99/AdobeStock

The goal of engineering analysis is to use models of the real world to simulate and predict the performance of a design with confidence, explore design modifications, and inform downstream stakeholders—the owners, builders, operators, and passengers—with knowledge that the design works as intended before it is built. To do so, we need models that characterize the physical world. That is easier said than done, but it underpins much of what we do as engineers. This is precisely…

12 Sep 2023

OSK Design Unveils Arctic Frigate Design

Source: OSK Design

Denmark-based OSK Design has unveiled its latest design, an Arctic frigate designed for operations in the North Atlantic, High North and Greenland regions.One of the notable features of the vessel is its fully operational helicopter, a critical asset for Arctic operations, allowing for airborne scouting, transport, and search and rescue missions in the challenging Arctic environment.The Arctic frigate is classed for year-round operation in the Arctic, capable of withstanding the most challenging ice conditions while maintaining optimal performance.

30 Aug 2023

Insights: Maritime and an Honest Discussion About AI

Copyright Kras99/AdobeStock

The maritime industry is often criticized as being slow to adopt new technologies. While ship building is an age-old industry, it is also varied: fishing, commercial, inland, marine construction, energy, passenger, recreation, defense, and the list goes on. Each sector serves a different purpose, and bespoke vessels fulfill different missions, operate in different environments, and are subject to different regulatory profiles. As a result, our industry abounds with unique solutions…

27 Jun 2023

AiP for Aurelia's Bulk Carrier "Green Retrofit" Solution

Image courtesy Aurelia

RINA awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) for a green retrofit package solution designed by Aurelia, in partnership with Econowind, Wattlab and Vertom, aimed to meet CO2 reduction targets in compliance with CII. The retrofit package can be applied to almost any kind of vessel and incorporates rigid sails, solar panels, batteries, optimized weather-routing, and a smart decision support system developed by Hydrographic and Marine Consultants (HMC) to dramatically reduce emissions of an existing Newcastlemax bulk carrier.

12 Jun 2023

Eye on Design: Prying Gas Stoves from Dead Fingers

Copyright alexanderuhrin/AdobeStock

When Greg Trauthwein offered me a column in Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, I received little direction with regard to subjects. I have not yet tested his boundaries of my subjects, and maybe, some day, I will try to slip in a column on the role of nautical fiction in the development of modern literature.So far, I have tried to stick with engineering subjects, although recently I may have pushed the boundaries with discussions on decision making, esthetics and OODA loops.It…

03 Mar 2023

27m CTV Hybrid Selected by HST Marine

Image courtesy BMT

BMT said its StratCat 27 CTV design has been selected by HST Marine, a Purus Company, as one of its CTV vessel designs for the expanding European offshore wind market. Built by Strategic Marine, four hybrid StratCat 27 Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) will be delivered in the first half of 2023. This quartet of deliveries will be the first parallel hybrid propulsion CTVs to be built in Asia. The CTVs are powered by Fixed Pitch Propeller Cat C32 propulsion system boasting a maximum…

01 Mar 2023

Farra Marine Orders Seven New CTVs

Image courtesy Incat Crowther

Irish crew transfer vessel (CTV) owner and operator Farra Marine has expanded its fleet of CTVs after ordering another seven vessels from Singapore-based Penguin Shipyard International. The new CTVs are part of the WindFlex-27 series, and when complete will couble Farra Marine CTV fleet servicing the UK and European offshore wind industry. By early 2024, 13 of the 14 CTVs in Farra Marine’s fleet will be Incat Crowther-designed, Penguin-built vessels. The new WindFlex-27s have been customized to meet Farra Marine’s special operational requirements…

28 Feb 2023

Interview: Five Minutes with Robert Ekse, President, EBDG

Robert Ekse, President, Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG). Photo courtesy EBDG

Late last year we caught up with Robert Ekse, President, Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG), for his take on how the Future Fuels debate is effectively shaping maritime technology development and vessel investment.Most reading these pages know the EBDG name, but can you give us a quick update?Elliott Bay Design Group has been around for a long time, [at first] primarily focused on ferry design and refurbishment. We've branched out over the years in many different directions, including tugs and barges and other workboats.

28 Feb 2023

C-Job says New Ship Design Tool Cuts Lead Time in Half

Image courtesy C-Job

C-Job Naval Architects and VIKTOR have worked together on the ACD Resistance Module, a tool that will benefit shipowners during the ship design process.“In the early phases of design, engineers must make decisions that can have an irreversible influence on later design stages," said Roy de Winter, R&D Engineer, C-Job Naval Architects. "Therefore, it is beneficial to make these decisions in a data driven way. An optimization process is difficult and labor-intensive work, but is essential for a reliable and efficient result.

19 Jan 2023

GTT Gets LR AIP for Tank Maintenance Solution

(Image: GTT)

French engineering frim GTT said it has obtained approval in principle (AIP) from classification society Lloyd’s Register for its maintenance optimization solution for liquefied natural gas (LNG) membrane tanks.The AIP has been granted, in the Framework of Class Survey, for the use of an innovative digital solution for sloshing activity assessment, in order to optimize the LNG membrane tank maintenance. The approval project was conducted in close collaboration with Shell International…

22 Sep 2022

Glosten, ABB Debut Methanol-Hybrid Tug Design

Image courtesy Glosten

Glosten and ABB have teamed to develop a methanol-hybrid ship assist tug design. The "SA-100" is a 100-ft. ASD harbor tug—designed to measure under 100 grt—is propelled by two methanol compatible CAT 3512E gensets powering electrically driven L-drives. The gensets are complemented by battery banks for zero-emission operation when transiting, peak shaving during general operation, and as boost for achieving the tug’s peak bollard pull of 90 short tons.“We had three primary design objectives in developing this tug—all intended to benefit the owner/operator…

13 Apr 2022

Tech File: Incat Crowther "Digital Shipbuilding" for new 35m Catamaran


Construction has started on a 35m Catamaran for CTM Deher of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies. The Incat Crowther 35 is being built by PT Kim Seah Shipyard Indonesia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore’s publicly listed Penguin International Limited, using Incat Crowther’s Digital Shipbuilding solution, a process that is designed to bring the designer, shipyard and owner together in one cohesive process, from concept through delivery.A feature of Incat Crowther’s Digital Shipbuilding solution is a 3D digital model of a ship…

29 Mar 2022

C-Job Debuts Self-propelled Cutter Suction Dredger Concept

Image courtesy C-Job

C-Job Naval Architects launched its new Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) series and headlining the series is a new self-propelled CSD concept.The 34-in.self-propelled cutter suction dredger features cutter power of 3500 HP and a total installed power of approx. 26000 HP. The CSD includes two 6300 HP dredge pumps on deck and one 3500 HP submerged dredge pump on the cutter ladder enabling a maximum dredging depth of 95 feet. The self-propelled CSD boasts a length of 296 feet, which can be extended to provide an increased swing width.According to C-Job…

22 Feb 2022

Meyer Turku-led Finnish Project Studies Climate-Neutral Cruise Ship

Image courtesy Meyer Turku

The NEcOLEAP project, led by Meyer Turku, is determined to design and build a climate-neutral cruise ship.Meyer Turku was selected to take part in Business Finland’s financing project for leading companies and their partner ecosystems, which aims to help companies to increase their RDI investments in Finland. Meyer’s NEcOLEAP project develops carbon-neutral and sustainable technological solutions for cruise ships through an extensive partnership network. The goal is to secure a billion-order cruise ship order for Turku Shipyard.According to the shipyard…