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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ship Repair

All ships need maintenance and repairs. Many repair and maintanance operations can be performed at sea or by the crew in port. Complicated or large-scale repairs might require the ship to be removed from commercial operation. Classification Society supervision is required for most large-scale repairs, particularly those carried out in a ship repair yard. For oceangoing ships, particularly tankers, the ship has to be prepared for repair at a Deballasting Station. The tank must be thoroughly cleaned and its slops (grey water and hydrocarbon residues) must be pumped ashore according to environmental regulations.

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File photo: Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro (Photo: Jared Mancuso / U.S. Navy)

US Navy Secretary Meets with Ship Repair Execs

The United States' Secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro, on Monday hosted executives…

John Barnard (Photo: Gibdock)

Barnard Joins Gibdock as Commercial Director

Gibraltar ship repair yard Gibdock announced the appointment of John Barnard as its…

Left to right: Gary Norrie, Project Manager at Dales Marine with Graeme Chapman – Heavy Haulage Specialist, MB Plant, Peterhead. (Photo: Dales Marine Services)

Dales Marine Services Buys 20 Welding Generators

U.K. based ship repair and marine services form Dales Marine Services announced it…

(Photo: Seaspand Shipyards)

Seaspan to Expand Vancouver Ship Repair Operations

Seaspan is investing to upgrade and expand its Vancouver Drydock infrastructure to…

Photo courtesy General Dynamics NASSCO

$754M Ship Repair Contract Awarded

General Dynamics NASSCO, a subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) won a contract by the U.S.

© MrSegui / Adobe Stock

UK Aims to Cash In On Cruise Ship Repair and Refit

Companies from across the U.K. maritime sector and numerous government departments…

The JAM-DOCK1 floating dock arrives in Jamaica (Photo: Maritime Authority of Jamaica)

Jamaican Yard Adds First Floating Dry Dock

German Ship Repair Jamaica Limited (GSRJ), a private joint venture of German, Turkish…

Rusty Murdaugh (Photo: Austal USA)

Murdaugh Resigns as Austal USA President

Rusty Murdaugh has resigned as president of Austal USA effective August 30, 2023, the Mobile, Ala.

(Photo: Heddle Shipyards)

Heddle Shipyards Welcomes Mohawk College Students for Skills Program

Canadian ship repair and construction company Heddle Shipyards has teamed up with…

(Photo: Conner Foy / U.S. Navy)

Boston Ship Repair Awarded $13.8 Million MSC Job

Boston Ship Repair has been awarded a contract for the regular  overhaul and dry…

(Photo: Marine Travelift)

US Shipyards Investing to Add Serious Lifting Power

Shipyards across the U.S. are investing in new equipment to increase lift capacity…

© Lindasky76 / Adobe Stock

Russia Strikes Port Facilities in Ukraine's Izmail

Russian state news agency RIA said overnight Russian strikes on the Ukrainian port…

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