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Friday, April 19, 2024

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27 Nov 2023

Zaadnoordijk Named CEO of Radio Holland

Sven Zaadnoordijk (Photo: Radio Holland)

Radio Holland Group, part of the Pon Group, has appointed Sven Zaadnoordijk as its new CEO effective January 1, 2024. Sven will replace Kees-Jan Mes, who led the group through an important transformation over the last few years.Zaadnoordijk joined the group in 2012 and brings a wealth of experience in the maritime industry. Having served as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Regional Director for both Asia and Americas, stationed in various countries like The Netherlands, Hong Kong…

21 Aug 2023

David Clark Company: An American Success Story

David Clark digital and wireless communication systems provide clear boat crew communications on patrol, offshore and fire/rescue craft. (Photo: David Clark Company)

David Clark Company is best known within the marine market for its wireless and digital headset workboat crew communication systems – the Series 9900 Wireless Marine Headset System and the Series 9100 Digital Marine Headset System. The company has over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing boat crew communication solutions for a variety of workboats, e.g., patrol boats, fire/rescue craft, and offshore service vessels.But you may not know that David Clark Company started…

08 Jun 2023

AST Announces ‘Try Before You Buy’ Offer for OneWeb

© Yellow duck / Adobe Stock

Following the launch of OneWeb’s 18th satellite deployment, Applied Satellite Technology (AST) Ltd has brought to market an opportunity for maritime organizations to ‘try before you buy’ the new OneWeb service.AST is enabling maritime users across Europe, the Mediterranean and 50 degrees North to get connected to the fast, reliable and affordable OneWeb service with the additional benefit of AST’s exclusive bandwidth management solution INTEGRA Control, a data management software offering real-time, application-level control.With OneWeb’s LEO constellation, industries, such as maritime, offsho

31 May 2023

Thenamaris to install Starlink LEO Internet

Image courtesy Marlink

Marlink will support shipmanager Thenamaris in its digital business transformation with the integration of Starlink within its smart hybrid network.Thenamaris is an existing user of Marlink’s Sealink VSAT with L-Band backup in part of its fleet and plans to add new LEO services – to provide an additional layer of capability onboard its vessels – a concept Marlink has created as a next generation solution. Sealink NextGen combines GEO VSAT and MSS back-up with customers’ required mix of LEO or MEO connectivity…

26 May 2023

Polembros Shipping to Trial Starlink LEO

Image courtesy Polembros Shipping

Marlink will install the Starlink LEO service for Athens-based ship manager Polembros Shipping, aimed at helping Polembros to extend its digital toolset to include the new LEO service to support crew welfare and remote technology.Polembros is already a user of Marlink’s hybrid network, including VSAT services across its fleet. The deployment of the SeaLink NextGen service is designed to provide faster throughput and lower latency to the company’s business and crew communications.Sealink NextGen combines GEO VSAT and MSS back-up with customers’ required mix of LEO or MEO connectivity…

23 May 2023

ScanReach appoints Brooks CEO, Berg CFO

canReach announced the permanent appointment of Sven Brooks as CEO. Image courtesy ScanReach

ScanReach announced the permanent appointment of Sven Brooks as CEO effective immediately. Brooks brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the maritime and technology sectors, and he'll look to further solidify ScanReach’s position in on-board wireless connectivity.Geir Utne Berg was appointed as Chief Finance Officer (CFO), and he knows ScanReach well from being a member of the Board of Directors.ScanReach’s forte is in on-board wireless connectivity. Image courtesy ScanReach

03 May 2023

Marlink Launches Telemar Yachting

(Photo: Marlink)

Marlink, the smart network and ICT solutions company, is bringing together its Telemar US, UK and Italy leisure market operations to create Telemar Yachting, to provide a portfolio of managed services to the yachting market.This combination installation and maintenance of safety and navigation equipment coupled with OmniAccess’ connectivity and cyber security solutions for the yachting segment.Telemar Yachting has been created in response to increasing demand from yacht owners and managers for a more holistic ‘single service’ approach…

12 Mar 2023

Anglo-Eastern Rolling Out Starlink’s Maritime Broadband Service

60 Starlink satellites stacked together before deployment. Photo credit: Starlink/SpaceX

Anglo-Eastern announced its first formal installation of Starlink’s maritime broadband service within its managed fleet ahead of wider rollout in the months ahead.The installation is part of a preliminary order covering a dozen vessels of various ship types and trading patterns, trialed across a number of scenarios before broader roll-out in the coming months. The ship manager said it expects at least 200 installations across its fleet by year-end, with more to follow.“We quietly started our journey a year ago, when Starlink first announced its ‘RV’ service.

10 Jan 2023

Satcom: Intellian Expands XEO Series

Image courtesy Intellian

Intellian expanded its XEO Series, a Ku/Ka electronically switching dual-band multi-orbit VSAT antennas, with the addition of the X100D and X150D. The XEO Series were first unveiled in March 2022 at the Satellite Show, leading to Intellian’s design of the X100D, available later this month, and the X150D, launching in early Q3 2023.According to the company, the XEO Series are the world’s first commercially available Ka/Ku-band through a single feed, electronically switchable, multi-orbit antennas, making them ideal for customers requiring high-bandwidth, availability and maximum agility.

05 Dec 2022

TDI-Brooks Installs Starlink on Its Research Vessels

(Image: TDI-Brooks)

U.S. based marine services firm TDI-Brooks announced it has installed the Starlink Maritime platform on two of its four research vessels, with plans to equip the remaining vessels at a later date.The two vessels, Brooks McCall and Miss Emma McCall, are currently working on the U.S. East Coast performing G&G surveys for offshore wind programs. Installation of the Starlink Maritime platform is next planned for installation on the Proteus currently working in the Northern GOM and Gyre working off Trinidad.Richard Byno…

12 Oct 2022

Hurtigruten Expeditions to Install SpaceX’s Starlink Fleetwide

A Starlink terminal on board Hurtigruten Expeditions' battery-hybrid powered MS RoaldAmundsen. (Photo: Oscar Farrera / Hurtigruten Expeditions)

Hurtigruten Expeditions said it will be the first cruise line to implement SpaceX’s broadband service Starlink across its entire fleet.The expedition cruise line and its long-time connectivity partner Speedcast began testing and integration of Starlink terminals on board the operator's fleet of small-size expedition cruise ships in March. Installation will be complete by end of October, making Hurtigruten Expeditions the first cruise line to introduce the high-speed, low-latency connectivity across its entire fleet…

05 Jul 2022

Maritime Communications: Easier, Faster, Cheaper

(Photo: David Clark Company)

In November 2021, GTMaritime published a white paper: “Maritime Communications - A look over the horizon.” The report, available here, is built around three broad Sections – 1. “Basics of marine Communications;” 2. “The connected ship;” and 3. “Special services.”Then, each Section presents a closer look at various topics. The “Basics” section, for example, covers regulatory issues established by IMO treaties and national agencies. It presents the terms and concepts that define satellite systems and networks…

01 Jun 2022

Cobham's New Ka-band Antennas to Be Deployed on Inmarsat's Global Xpress

(Image: Cobham Satcom)

Radio and satellite communications solutions provider Cobham Satcom announced its partnership with Inmarsat on its new generation of Ka-band antennas, the new SAILOR XTR GX-R2 series, to be deployed on the Global Xpress network.Developed with future satellite constellations in mind, and in line with Inmarsat’s ORCHESTRA architecture – the first-of-its-kind network that seamlessly integrates multiple orbits and terrestrial 5G – the SAILOR XTR antenna series combines the best of…

04 May 2022

Inmarsat Says Its 'Fleet Xpress Enhanced' Enables Digitalization, Decarbonization, and Crew Wellfare

Credit: Inmarsat

Maritime satellite communications company Inmarsat now offers a service called 'Fleet Xpress Enhanced', which it says enables digitalization, decarbonization, and crew wellfare for the global shipping sector,."Fleet Xpress, enhanced by Fleet Edge, brings together the best of Inmarsat connectivity solutions to help global shipping companies harness the full power of a connected maritime ecosystem," Inmarsat says."Shipping companies can harness the full power of a digitally connected…

01 Apr 2022

Lars Thrane Releases LRIT for LT-3100S GMDSS System

(Image: Lars Thrane)

Lars Thrane A/S is pleased to announce the release of Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) functionality for the MED/Wheelmark approved LT-3100S GMDSS System.The LT-3100S GMDSS System is an Iridium GMDSS satellite communications product developed and certified to comply with the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter IV Radiocommunication Requirements. Iridium was recognized and adopted as GMDSS Service Provider - the International Maritime Safety Organization (IMSO) issued Letter of Compliance December 19…

28 Feb 2022

Thuraya Launches Push-to-talk Comms Solution with Cobham SATCOM

(Image: Thuraya)

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC, announced it has launched its new IP-based radio communications solution, Thuraya Push-to-Talk (PTT).Thuraya PTT has been developed with Cobham SATCOM, a provider of satellite communications solutions to the maritime and land markets. The solution will enable users to extend the range of their voice communications…

22 Feb 2022

Marlink's Hybrid Network Solution for Subsea 7's Global Fleet

Marlink will provide a secure hybrid network solution to Subsea 7, combining its global Sealink VSAT solution with L-band back-up, global 4G cellular services and connection to the Tampnet network.

Marlink, a smart network solutions provider, will provide a global hybrid network solution to vessels operated by Subsea 7, a subsea installation giant in the offshore energy industry space.Marlink will provide a secure hybrid network solution to Subsea 7, combining its global Sealink VSAT solution with L-band back-up, global 4G cellular services, and connection to the Tampnet network for operations in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.The contract, of an undisclosed value…

08 Feb 2022

Royal Wagenborg renews contract with Castor Marine

Egbert Wagenborg, an open top, ice-class general cargo vessel with a load capacity of 14,300 tonnes and a hold capacity of 625,000 cubic feet. Photo courtesy Royal Wagenborg/Castor Marine

Royal Wagenborg renewed and extended Castor Marine’s Global Ku VSAT connection for multiple years.Since 1898 the Dutch family-owned shipping company has been crossing the oceans, evolving to a fleet operator with about 200 vessels. Besides the extension of 52 Global Ku VSAT contracts, Castor Marine will equip an additional 15 Wagenborg vessels, currently on 4G, with VSAT. For more than eight years the company has provided VSAT, Iridium, Inmarsat FBB, and IT services to the Wagenborg fleet.

27 Dec 2021

Vroon Selects Blue Wireless to Deliver LTE Connectivity on Board its Fleet

(Photo: Vroon)

Vroon announced it has selected wireless network service provider Blue Wireless to supplement connectivity on board its offshore vessel fleet. Blue Wireless is supporting the implementation and management of Cradlepoint’s 4G/LTE solution, equipping more than 100 vessels and providing improved access to cloud solutions and maritime applications.As part of a drive to improve connectivity on board, Vroon is working to expand the use of Microsoft Dynamics, MS Teams and other cloud applications across our global fleet.

16 Dec 2021

Inmarsat ORCHESTRA Hits Milestone with LEO Satellite

Inmarsat CEO Rajeev Suri (Photo: Inmarsat)

Inmarsat ORCHESTRA, the future network for global mobility and government communications, achieved its first milestone in space today with the successful activation of a low earth orbit (Inmarsat ORCHESTRA) satellite payload.The LEO satellite is testing new concepts and system configurations for ORCHESTRA’s proposed LEO constellation, which will seamlessly integrate with geosynchronous orbit (GEO) and highly elliptical orbit (HEO) satellites, and a terrestrial 5G network, to deliver…

04 Nov 2021

Radio Holland and Furuno Extend Distributorship Agreements

Furuno's Shinya Tamura with Radio Holland Group's Maarten Tromp. (Photo: Radio Holland)

Furuno and Radio Holland prolonged their partnership with distributorship agreements. The senior management of both companies signed the agreements during Europort in Rotterdam. The companies have been working together in the global maritime market for more than 58 years.Radio Holland is the distributor for Furuno in The Netherlands, UAE, Egypt and South Africa. In addition, Radio Holland is a dealer of Furuno in USA, Panama, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Curaçao, Trinidad & Tobago…

28 Oct 2021

Singtel to Provide VSAT for 33 PIL Containerships

(Photo: Singtel)

Singapore based shipping company Pacific International Lines (PIL) is installing satellite communication, or VSAT, on its entire fleet as part of its digitalization efforts to enhance seafarer wellbeing and improve productivity on board its ships. Communications technology group Singtel said it is one of the partners providing PIL with communications and cybersecurity solutions for 33 vessels in PIL’s fleet.“As a progressive company, PIL is constantly looking for ways to achieve business excellence and optimize operational efficiency.

06 Jul 2021

Castor Marine Expands North Sea 4G Network

Image courtesy Castor

Castor Marine signed a reseller agreement with Tampnet, an offshore 4G LTE network operator in the North Sea, and immediately went to work for its first 4G Tampnet client: supply 4G LTE offshore connectivity to the WTW vessel Keizersborg.With this deal, Castor Marine is now an official Tampnet Activation Point, adding value to its customers’ operations. In the past, vessels supported by Castor Marine automatically switched to the VSAT connection of the company’s own network when moving outside of 4G coverage and vice versa.